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  1. Allready nuked it..shot and ask question later
  2. 0/74 virus found after check on suspendet files
  3. Hmm that could be one reason..ill check logitech and roccat software but i doubt. Just checked it and there was no macros done..i feel like i got Corona from Reddit !
  4. Sometimes when i play lol or seach google or even write on forums, then suddenly my pc starts to type this same text. Why would i suddenly speak of gfx cards on games randomly ?! Its the same text each time this happens. Like i can just sit there and watch my pc type this text. After this was typed then nothing happens.. no money or any other hax was done. It was prolly me who typed on reddit about gfx cards when this started..for weeks ago. But somehow my pc remembers it I blame reddit since it all started when i was posting stuff in there. I
  5. Damm i dident see the 8 bit only on the gigabyte one..thx mann you saved me a bullet Hmm i have my eyes on the LG I know Asus will come up with a sexy looking monitor aswell and i do like the design of ther monitors but my god i hate ther support. So im trying to avoid asus for now until they redeem them self ! So until now acer or LG ? The LG has: NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Compatible with AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro Isent that better ?
  6. Can you turn the rgb ring off ? or only dim it
  7. Can you turn off the rgb ring behind as an option ?
  8. Can you help me look if that gigabyte monitor used RGB or BRG
  9. Im gona buy a 2.1 hdmi 4 k monitor, but i am in great doubt. Also i cant find any good videos on these monitors. Did Linus make a rewiev of these ? or some compare videos ? or to soon ? Im looking at these : https://www.gigabyte.com/Monitor/M28U#kf I like this cuz it has his multi switch system https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-27gp950-b-gaming-monitor Looks fancy with that RGB https://store.acer.com/en-sg/new-4k-gaming-monitor-with-hdmi-2-1-nitro-xv282k-kv Im not a acer fanboy but ready to give it a try And i have my radar
  10. Must have side window
  11. Phanteks 400a digital Looks nice. Do you know if more SSD can be installed in these 4 x 3.5 slots and the 2 x 3.5 ?
  12. I looked high and low for thé best case for my new pc to come. And i allways had coolermaster cases, but lately i find ther design to be old and outdated. What im looking for is a case with room for lots of rgb fans 5-6 and some rgb strips. So its gona be a RGB pc. And i like to see the front with 3 fans so they are not hidden by some front panel. I also like to have the psu installed in the lower part of the case and it must be hidden or covered so you cant see any cable or the psu. it must be a midi tower. I would like to have at least 4 ssd
  13. I feel like im being goatfished here