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  1. I just bought 7 riing quad fans from Thermaltake. They worked at first when i installed em but today i could not detect the controller boxes in any software versions. i tryed to switch usb connecters on the board and i tryed with only 1 box and 3 fan but none of the 2 boxes will connect at detect in the software anymore. The fans are spinning and some of em show rainbow wave for default while others dosent want to light up. Again last day they worked fine but then 1 of the boxes started to disapear in the software and later on both of em "died" Wha
  2. I find it hard to live with..i just spend 6000 $ on a pc !!
  3. I just bought and install my new expensive pc and then i heard some coil whine !! When i move the mouse then i hear this coil whine and it sounds like it comes from the CPU area on the motherboard. I removed the GPU and disconnected alot of RGB and other hardware but that dident help.. Can the cpu make coil noise when i move the mouse ? Or what can make this coil noise on a mother board...
  4. Yes i know its a mismatchs but i dont like these Aio coolers or water systems..for me water dosent belong in hardware..1 faulty water drop and its bye bye 3080 ti rtx $$$$$ Also noctue is the best aircooler out there with several winning awards. So im loyal to ther products
  5. Im gona use either Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 or Phanteks Eclipse P500A DRGB I cant choose cuz i like coolermaster and have allways used ther cases. So I feel wierd to buy another brand Like im cheating in a releationship It might fit on the mobo but then it will hide the Gskill royal trident Z ram blocks. Just look at Freeagants profile picture that reminds me of my old pc..it was also like that haha https://ncc.noctua.at/cpus/model/Intel-Core-i9-11900K-1288 169 vs 183 score
  6. Yeah i can see that on ur profile picture haha Why even pay extra for RGB when you cant see it anyway.
  7. Im gona order this https://noctua.at/en/nt-h2-3-5g says up to 5 years
  8. The thing is i bought some G skill royal triden Z that i want to be available for show and tell And these monsters like Nh 15 and 14 are Huge ass coolers. Im sur ethe NH u12A is a small beast. They write its a 140 mm compressed to 120 mm
  9. Awsome ! I see this Grizzley paste comes in different form or tubes. What should i pick ?
  10. The d15 is to huge for my ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO - Z590 - LGA1200 Atx but the 12 A is just right underthe d 12 in noctuas own score list with 10+ points in difference. So i will stick with the 12 A
  11. So im building a expensive pc and i just need some cooler paste to seal the deal. I tryed to google best cooler paste but that is like google for ur health concerns and we all dont want to do that. For my last pc i used th epaste that came with noctua air cooler and 5 later it still cools great. But i guess in 5 years something most have changed for the better or worse. My cpu will be i9-11900k with Noctua nh-u12 A air cooler since i have been using ther products for all my pc. And im gona OC the cpu a littel. Mostly a standart OC I found this
  12. Hello Im looking on pc parts for a new pc to build my self. I want to use the i9-11900K cou with the z590 chipset. Im use to buy asus motherboards but lately Gigabytes motherboards looks interresting. So i tryed to google "best motherboard for z590" and i got these results. https://www.windowscentral.com/best-intel-z590-motherboards I looked on asus asus site and found this. Isent this better than the Hero model ? https://rog.asus.com/dk/motherboards/rog-maximus/rog-maximus-xiii-extreme-model/ Or the gigabyte model of
  13. Allready nuked it..shot and ask question later