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    Anime, Tech, PC building, Games


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600AF
  • Motherboard
    MSI B450-A Pro Max
  • RAM
    16gb - 2x8 3200mhz Adata XPG D10
  • GPU
    XFX rs rx 480 4gb (Worst heatsink ive ever seen)
  • Case
    Kolink Stronghold
  • Storage
    1x AS400 960GB
  • PSU
    Corsair cx500m
  • Display(s)
    Samsung S24D390
  • Cooling
    Arctic Freezer eSports 34
    3x Front Fans (+)
    1x Back Fan (-)
    1x Top Back Fan (-)
  • Keyboard
    BlitzWolf bw-kb1 Brown (O-rings)
  • Mouse
    Logitech g603 (great mouse)
  • Sound
    Logitech Gaming PRO x
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    HP probook 440 g6 (i5 8th gen, MX250)
    3x Thinkpads l440 (i5 4th gen, HD grapichs)
  • Phone
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 64gb (Android 10, MIUI 12)

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  1. So i claimed Elite Dangerous when it was free on the Epic games store. Now i want to try it in VR, but you need to use SteamVR for it to work. But since i have it on epic instead of steam, SteamVR cant find it, and i cant launch it in VR mode. I actually found a thread where they said you could get a free key to steam if you had the game on some other platform (but it was from 2015). I followed the guide, but the only thing i get is "you have not bought any copy of the game yet". I guess i cant play it in VR then, or is there any other way to launch games from epic with steamVR?
  2. Well it seems like it has a mini HDMI out port on the side. IDK whats needed for a camera to be used as a webcam, but im pretty sure an video output is only thing you need. Wait and see if anyone else knows more about this than me.
  3. @mahyar@WereCatf I searched around a bit on google, and found that a basic rx 460 supports h.264 encoding at 120 fps 1080p, but would it really work? Im pretty sure i can find a cheaper 460 than 1050 right now.
  4. Ok. i actually have an old 1050ti i bought brand new 2 years ago. Only used it for about a week or two until i realised it sucked. Then i bought my current 480. Only problem is that i gave it to my brother. He still have it in his PC..
  5. So my current pc doesnt like when i record with OBS. The AMD encoding doesnt work since my rx 480 is too busy with the game, and if i switch to x264 encoding, it still complains that it cant keep up. Its fine if i play lower end games like terraria or minecraft, but games like CSGO and destiny 2 doesnt work at all. I thought i could utilize the 2nd PCIe slot with an extra old GPU i have laying around, and dedicate that one to the encoding and recording. - Would it work with any card? or does it need some "newer" feature? - Whats the lowest card i could go for? if i want to rec
  6. So a friend of mine is trying to remove his old Zalman ZF1125BTH cooler to clean it. Only thing is that he isnt a PC expert, and even I dont know how you are suppose to remove it. I couldnt find an installation guide either on it. Im pretty sure you are just suppose to push or pull on that little clip on the end, but im not 100% sure.
  7. then it shouldnt be anything to worry about.
  8. Do this with "caution". Mismatching ram COULD very well cause problems. If its advanced, they simply wont work together or one of them wont show up in bios. If its a bit more simple, they will just change the fastest stick to the same speed as the slowest, so while you may get extra ram, you will also lose its speed, aka some FPS. If they are the same brand and model, with just less GB, its fine.
  9. do you know what else i could try? currently out of options. I dont know if i can even get a replacement from Blitzwolf, as i bought it of their official banggood.
  10. idunno man. It just happend suddenly. i dont know what i did before that. It has happend before, but a quick pc restart usually fixed. I tried on another pc, and it does the same thing. I connect it, the charging light turns on but then things just die. Still no light and no input. i dont think its the drivers thats dead, as it should still do SOMETHING when connected to another pc. But its no diffrence from my main PC.
  11. So my KB1 keyboard from Blitzwolf had been working great until today, when the left ALT and Win button suddenly switched places. Tried to do a simple PC restart as i couldnt find anything online, but it still didnt get fixed. I decided to uninstall all the drivers for it and then reinstall everything. I did exactly that, i unistalled all the drivers and programs, restarted the pc, let it download the basic input drivers. But that didnt fix anything, and just made things worse. Now the keyboard doesnt even light up. Its completely dead. Got another old keyboard from my shelf, that i
  12. Yeah i would buy a new ethernet cable, but even something like cat5 is EXPENSIVE as hell here in sweden. A 20m cat5 cable can go for around 35-40 USD (thats if you want good avg speed. There are other cheaper ones but those are crap), and thats money i aint willing to spend on a server that will probably only be online for a few months.
  13. Not exactly what i was wondering, but i guess those could work. Id just have to buy one, which i dont want to. As i got wifi on my main pc, i thought i could just share that through my PCs ethernet port to the server pc. I found an old USB wifi stick in my shelf, but its bent and i dont know if it works or not. Guess ill just have to test everything first.
  14. So i previously posted a topic about a modded minecraft server im building, but i realised my motherboard doesnt support wireless internet. I do have an PCIe wifi card, but my motherboard doesnt have a PCIe on it. The thing i would do is run my ethernet cable over my house up to my room, but its too short for my liking. Its barely long enough to go through my doorframe, and if i do use it, the server would have to be placed directly to the right of my door. But i want to avoid that, and have it under my second table or in one of the corners. As i got a wireless wifi card in my main PC, i thoug