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  1. Hello, I have settled on getting a gigabit Ethernet router from tplink, but there are 4 models that look identical on paper. Archer A6 V2 Archer A6 V3 Archer C6 V2 Archer C6 V3 What is the difference between these, aside from design? I saw that they might be having a different processor, but nothing of that sort is listed on tplinks website. Help me out on the difference between these, and advice on which one to get? Pretty please?
  2. The real question was if to use the metal heat sink only (not the cooler master fan) coupled with the ryzen stock cooler fan if possible. If that config would be compatible and would be worth it
  3. So the 3600 will perform worse if theoretically I used this heatsink with the ryzen fan?
  4. Hello, I recently found a heatsink and a cooler master fan from an old pc I was repurposing. The fan is a bit small, but the heatsink is quite beefy from what I can see. My main rig has a ryzen 5 3600, with stock cooler installed, on a msi b450 vdh pro max board. I was wondering if I can mount the heatsink I found with the ryzen fan, and use that solution to cool the ryzen. Will that work and be compatible, and also will it be worth it?
  5. I am gonna guess a 4 year old MSI gaming laptop is definitely not gonna be having a HDMI IN or DP IN port.
  6. I was wondering if it is possible to do so. A follow up question, can I use a raspberry pi to output to a laptop screen?
  7. Hello, is there something i can do to increase the speed i get from my wifi extender? My ISP gives me a speed of 50mbps, but i only get less than 10mbps. I have checked by speedtests, connecting to the main network, and the extenders network, the results are similar across the board. My router is tplink TL WR841N and the extender is the TL WA850RE. The router is in the master bedroom, then theres a hallway of about 15 feet wide where the extender is , and then theres my room. Is there something i can do?
  8. I was trusting asus all this time to provide a good stock android experience, but my god their inadequacy as a good oem has baffled me. How hard can it be to update a stock version of Android to pie? They delayed the update and security patches so many times, and finally when pie alpha does drop, it still has all the bugs from the pie beta. I still believe, that they can fix and redeem themselves, but in case they don't, i would like to install a reliable custom rom for asus zenfone max Pro m1. My main requirements will be dark mode, dark notifications, dark everything, near stock experience,
  9. Hi, i am new around here. i have searched every where for a way to bypass "fortinet" firewall on my college wifi but to no avail. Is there a way to bypass fortinet securely which doesnt involve paying for expensive vpn service and will allow me to connect and play on steam? I will be happy to provide any details necessary. Thanks for ur help.