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    Intel i7-4770k
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    ASUS Z97 Sabertooth Mark I
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    16GB Kingston HyperX
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    Nvidia Titan X (Pascal)
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    NZXT H440 (Red/Black)
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    2x Samsung 850 Pro 512GB
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    CM Silent Pro Gold 1200W
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    Acer X34 Predator
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    Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate
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    Corsair M95
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    TEAC AI-101DA

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  1. Check out AKG K612 on Amazon UK. Can get it for just over $100 USD all-in, and is every bit as good as the DT 880 IMO (I own both, and I like K612 slightly better).
  2. Lots of people using Beats for electronic music. Confirmed good.
  3. I remember when I knew nothing about audio.... Go try plugging 103 dB/V headphones into the RCA outs of a DAC. Let me know how that goes for you.
  4. HD 580 is going to be better than anything you'll get for $50-100
  5. I don't get it... If you're willing to spend up to $100 to get a good budget set of headphones, why wouldn't you be willing to spend $60 to get your HD 580 working again?
  6. Again, an investment is where you put in money in hopes to receive a gain in monetary value. This does not describe kickstarter.
  7. I mean, if we want to play it that way technically everything you spend money or time on is an investment. Buying a banana is an investment. Going to the gym is an investment. But in normal financial terms, an investment is something that you purchase in hopes that it appreciates in monetary value. If you invest in a start-up company you take the risk that you lose money in hopes that the company, and thus your share in the company, appreciates in value and you net a return on your money. Purchasing a product, or even pre-ordering a product, would not be considered an investment in
  8. I don't think so, kickstarter is clearly a funding mechanism to gain money to finish developing and to release a product. but like any start up their is a high risk of failure. The people that pay should of know this, they should of been ok with the idea of losing the money and not getting anything out of it, other wise don't fund this kickstarter. If you really wanted to product then wait for it to release and buy it then, it you don't want the risk of losing money. The problem with looking at it as an investment is that when people invest in risky start ups, it's for a percentage o
  9. What would you recommend for something like HD 650s without it being overkill? I'm not overly price sensitive, but I'd like to avoid spending unnecessarily.
  10. So it wouldn't be your first pick, or it won't be powerful enough? I mean, I'm all for getting a new DAC and AMP if I need to, but is it really going to be worth spending $200 to switch when this one was already more expensive to begin with?
  11. Don't have a set budget. What should I be looking for? I originally picked this one because I didn't have super high end headphones, and it supported me wiring my speakers to them, so I could use it for my non-headphone audio as well.
  12. Hey Audiophiles, I've been itching to hop on the 6XX drop for a while now, and finally did this time around. Previously I had bought the TEAC AI-101d to go along with my current headphones, but now that I'm looking at the specs it's showing "100mW + 100mW (with 32 ohms load, 1kHz)" while the impedance of the 6XXs is 300 ohms. Do you think my DAC/AMP is going to be powerful enough to drive these well?
  13. No point man. He's either a troll or a fanboy. Either way, reasoning won't help.