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  1. I agree, I used a bad example. However, I think the buyer should at least be aware of this type of kit. Also not every kit does have a board that supports it. ? I have to admit I was a bit overzealous when posting the example link. Thanks for pointing that out, you are correct that there are a few Boards that do support BIOS updates without CPUs. Which is why I said to do research before purchasing. guess I should have taken my own advise when writing the post. ? Also please don't see this as a rant against "EVETECH" as a company. i just want people to be a bit more thor
  2. It seems that some online stores are selling "Upgrade Kits" that include New generation CPU's but with last gen "compatible" Motherboards. Which, in all technicality, is a good way to move older stock and since its still supported. No issues... Right? With both Intel and AMD upgrade kit options, a good amount of very budget friendly and darn good spec bundles include the latest Gen CPU's with the last Gen Supported Motherboards. The issue is they sell these upgrade kits without Properly warning the buyer that their new CPU and Motherboard are NOT compatible out of the box. These ki
  3. I thought as much. Trying my luck cause someone said 599EURO... I didn't trust
  4. I found an MSI NVidia G-Force FX5200 Ultra 256MB and an ASUS NVidia EAX800XT-A319 REV : 1.00 Could you please help with pricing these two old GPU's. Images are respective to the mentioned GPU's: MSI: ASUS: