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  1. I really appreciate the replies. Especially the humor! I don't think it was corruption issue, I think they just want us to buy more expensive phones. Not sure if the update came from the phone manufacturer (ZTE) or the cell provider (simple mobile) either way the phone is being replaced with an LG Stylo 3 for 68$ US. got it from Amazon. Same carrier so we'll see about the un-update. My employer just switched from H2O to Cricket. The Cricket version of the phone let me re-format the SD card back to 64GB, happy about that. I had tried to re-format from my PC with an adapter, but it only recogniz
  2. Ok, many of you might not care about this as my "smart" phone cost only 30$ US. I am purely motivated by cost. I refuse to buy expensive smart phones. My most expensive phone to date has been 200$ US. That being said, My current phone, when purchased accepted and recognized a 64GB micro sd card. Shortly after purchase, it did an automatic firmware update and no longer recognizes the 64GB card and insisted on reformatting to 32GB. I have tried to reformat to 64GB, but have found no way to do this. Is it possible to make it a 64GB SD card again? If so, how. Thanks for your time and responses, lo
  3. I've never successfully activated/installed Windows 10 with a Windows 7 product key. Windows support had me try it thru the power shell, that didn't work either. Machine is all sorted out now, so it's just a matter of re-installing all my software and apps. Always a pain, but it's often the price for a major upgrade.
  4. Just upgraded my 5 year old build. Went from FX8350 to a Ryzen 7 2700X. New CPU had a bent pin from factory, fixed it. The real problem came when I booted the first and going forward. Not unexpectedly got a windows error (Not an authentic version of windows 10). Of course, it was. Got on the phone with Microsoft, who by the way apparently keeps no records of sales as I didn't have my activation code handy. Found my original Windows 7 activation code, but that was no help what so ever. So I had to re install windows 7, which was not fun because the new motherboard has all USB 3 ports. Got