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  • CPU
    Fx 8320e
  • Motherboard
    Crosshair v formula z
  • RAM
    8gb corsair dominator platinum
  • GPU
    Gtx 780
  • Case
    Corsair 750d
  • Storage
    480gb kingston hyperx m.2
  • PSU
    Corsair ax860
  • Cooling
    Corsair h150 and h105
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. To be honest what i have currently is working. Using as a plex server to the whole house. Normally 2 streams at a time 3 on occasion and ive not noticed any hiccups. Ive also been using it for day to day stuff. I dont really game on pc so apu is best i think. Im just wondering what the new 4000 apu will bring. The only things ive done is turned of boost and set negative offsets on the cpu and chipset and notching them down 1 at a time each day and testing with daily use and cinebench. Its helped bring the temps down i think the new pads i added to the chipset and mos
  2. I was going to post a link for noctuas website as they have tables on there but its down. Have a look when its up. I have nf a12x15s 3 supply 1 exhaust. There pretty quiet for me at 1200rpm Think the 25s will fair better
  3. Family and life has delayed any modding but this is where i am at the moment. Been up and running for a short while and a single slot gpu or slightly over fits fine. Debating if to stick with a apu or full cpu and gpu. I know the cooler is overkill. I replaced my old one as had it a long time and got this cheap new in box with no fans.
  4. You say that the ssd is set as the boot device.. just double check make sure you saved it in the settings.. Any screenshots would help
  5. Did you have only the ssd connected when installing windows. I noticed a while ago when i had a hdd and ssd connected it installed the bootloader to the hdd for some reason. Found out when i removed the hdd and it wouldnt boot.
  6. Ive been running all my fans off the h100i for a while and no issues. However they are noctuas nf a12s Ive got 3 supply on 1 and the 1 extract on the other.
  7. Someimes air will get stuck at the highest point which for you is the tank with the hoses from the rad. This can cause noise as the air gets sucked in with the water. How is it going at the min did you try other suggestions above.
  8. Couple of hours.. mine was noisy but it settled.. if it still being annoying cycle it between low and high every 2 mins should defo help. Do you have the hoses on the rad on the top or bottom.
  9. Run it as normal for a short while.. should do it. They will dislodge over time. Had the same with mine
  10. I agree the qbx is a solid choice aswell. Only niggle is psu.. has to be under 140mm in length and best havin a modular one.. a sfx also allows more room to move around inside
  11. Yea was easy as pie.. I have custom cables which were for another case but they fit perfectly snug. The psu cables go up into the top and down the back to make things nice and can store the extras up here aswell. I dont have a gpu so my h100i is in the bottom. Holds 4 fans comfortably 2 harddrives can be installed 2 2.5 or 1 2.5 1 3.5 Just dont handle it with greasy hands it will show but wipes of easily with a screen cleaning spray
  12. Does your case have a psu shroud.. if so try and tuck some loose cables in there. Use the cable management tabs and some zippies. If your psu is modular only ensure you have whats required connected. I would unplug all the cables and work 1 at a time starting with the psu cables lay it out and tie it down. Then move onto the smaller fan wires ect. Some more pics of whole build and specs might help
  13. Lian li tu150.. even has a carry handle Its small minimalistic and easy to work in
  14. You can use splitters for the fan power. Aa for the rgb im unsure as i got mine used but without the fans cos i didnt need them. I power all my fans off it (only 4) noctua nf a15s and had no issues. Put three supply on one and the extract on the other and it allows me to regulate the supply and extract individually.
  15. richie30

    Thermal Mod Idea

    Linus has just not long put up a vid about gpu cooling with a cpu cooler.. Id give that a watch n see if it helps you