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  1. at that point I would rather just buy a fan thx for your help anyways.
  2. Wait that would work? I do have a bunch of resistors.....
  3. Okay no offense but YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO USE THE RECOVERY DRIVE Turn off the computer and spam Delete as its turining on the delete key is the button on the bottom left hand corner above your arrow keys (I have the same keyboard) and select the recovery drive as the boot device
  4. I have a Raspberry Pi Fan but that only has Positive and Negative will that work? I tried it but it did not light up.
  5. Yes but I don't have the fan. Its a pretty beefy coolermaster and considering that with the fan it was at 30-40 degrees MAX i think that I can get away with just the heat sink
  6. If you look at some of my older posts (From like 2 1/2 years ago) you will see that I mentioned a q8200 based system(My first ever build). I never did get it to boot after the brown out. But today I saw it in my closet and decided to give it a try. AND IT BOOTED. So I guess it just needed a good 2 1/2 years of sitting a dusty closet with no climate control to bring it back to life. Now is a good time to mention I have harvested every part of this prebuilt, ie the fans the case the hdd and even the sata cables. I really want to get the board booted but it keeps on giving me a c
  7. Okay thanks I never knew that the manual was online. Thx again
  8. I want to have a board with vt-d support but I am not paying for a $300 motherboard. Is thr asrock steel legend h470 capable of vt-d. I want this because I do a lot of virtualization. The gpu that I passthrough will likely be the integrated gpu or a gt 710. Please help you if you know. (i think in the bios it is labeled as Direct I/O virtualization or something like that). VT-D IS NOT VT-X
  9. Its a Hp Pavillion 15-cs0022cl AND OF COURSE I WOULD TAKE THE BOTTOM PANEL OFF
  10. Okay before you say im a idiot, i'm doing this for the EXP GDC dock. (EGPU). I need to cut a hole in the bottom case. I think that's its aluminum. The hole has to be about 1 in (2.5 cm) I don't have any power tools or saws. How would I cut the hole? Any Suggestions are welcome thx in advance
  11. Yesterday I got a gtx 1060 6gb OC for $50 to use with my 8250u computer via the EXP GDC. But I am on linux specifically arch. (I Have already asked on egpu.io no response) Apparently the GTX 1060 on the exp gdc requires a really old driver to function. There is no way I can get this driver on linux. The dock has not come yet but can I install the latest NVIDIA driver. I am on Linux and am going to be using a external display. Is the 368.81 driver issue only on windows? Or is my dream of using this 1060 dead. Just some info: I think that you have to use th