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  1. Im at a loss now tbh, i'm thinking i'll probably just run it off a motherboard fan header...
  2. Okay so i've tried a bunch of bios and none of them have worked they way I want the gigabyte gaming oc bios ran very badly and crippled performance. The one that seemed to work best was the strix OC but it still doesnt work properly, when I shut the fan % to 0, the first of the two fans still runs at 100%. Here is what it looks like during a stress test:
  3. Can anyone else confirm which bios I should flash first?
  4. I've just put a morpheus 2 cooler on my 1080 Ti gigabyte FE. However it's got a minimum fan speed setting of 25% which is 2.2K RPM. Is there any way to remove this setting as it seems to be part of the BIOS?
  5. Is there any general consensus which is the best make/design for gpu support? (I'm putting a Morpheus 2 on my 1080 Ti and i'd like to make sure the pcb isnt going to sag)
  6. Are there any other wireless headsets you'd recommend in that case?
  7. Yeah it's like the total budget just for the headset! But I suppose if that's what i've got to spend for a no-compromise then, I guess i'll have to bite the bullet, is it possible to charge the H7 batteries separately? Any advice on mic/mic-stand?
  8. The H60 isn't wireless is it? I like those Audio Technica's though
  9. So my Razer Kraken headset mic has finally died and I need to get a replacement ASAP but I need help as I really know next to nothing about PC audio (or audio in general to be quite honest), I want to get something better as most of the wireless head phone mic's sound pretty poor but im also sick of the wire on my headset. Use case: Mostly gaming at a high level but I also use them to listen to music/youtube/twitch...etc when it's late at night, maybe i'll stream one day if I ever work up the courage I have a relatively big head I also wear glasses Budget
  10. I'm looking forward to it immensely, even if it isn't a 9900K killer for high refresh rate gaming i'll still be looking at picking up a used 2700X or even a 1950X setup for a second PC.
  11. It's simply about real estate, there are only so much you can fit on the mATX form factor (and ATX for that matter), this extends to power stages too for CPUs like the 9900K as I can only think of two that are suitable for OC. Also I wouldn't agree that matx cases get "just the same" airflow as an ATX sized enclosure. I also disagree that matx look better than atx overall.
  12. I used a Zowie EC1-B before I got a Final Mouse Air58 and I can recommend it (EC1-B) as an Apex player with a finger tip grip. Before this I had Death Adders but literally 3 of them have broken on me in 4 years (2 regular and one elite). I like the shape but Razer quality is pretty trash. It sucks that the high street presence is dying so you can't go down to a store and check out/try a few but unfortunately that's how it is now. This site is pretty good although I think he's starting to get sponsored more... you can draw your own conclusions: http://www.rocketjumpninja
  13. Space in the room, the desk is already 2M long
  14. The problem with either size is that there isn't really enough room with my bigger case as you loose 130cm from the monitors and then another 30cm from the tower which leaves about 40cm of free space.... and the foam pads I use for speaker isolation are 20cm wide each which means everything is pressed together if I arrange it horizontally Dx If I had to guess, i'd say my ear is 60cm off the desk, speakers are mentioned in my OP
  15. Yeah I had seen those and the taller GSM-100 version but they don't tilt down, so if they clear the 32" monitor they're well above ear height
  16. I'm trying to plan my new desk/gaming space to coincide with my much bigger PC case and im looking for inspiration/help. Desk: 2m x 80cm Tower: TT View 71 Speakers: Kitsound Parallax 2.0 Monitor 1: 32" non ultrawide Monitor 2: 25" non ultrawide My issue is that I cant find any speaker stands which are tall enough and tilt down or they just look janky, so I was hoping to see how you guys have done it? (I also rent so I can't wall mount unfortunately)
  17. Oh I sympathise then, honestly I probably would've taken your comment quite differently if you hadn't got that tag! Thanks for taking the time to explain the thought process behind the decision, I work as a planning manager for a mechanical engineering company and im sure some of our MEs would also sympathise with you too
  18. I'm not angry, I was frustrated more than anything. I fully understand that a Director of Corsairs PSU division cannot openly condone modification of his product in a manner that'll void warranty/has a possibility of killing me. However there are ways and means of delivering it. When you look at the things that people who love PC's as a core hobby do, from watercooled peltiers to LN2 overclocking, allot of it doesn't make sense or is downright dangerous. Hell even taking a dremel to a PC case is likely to end in tears most of the time... but it's that extreme behavior which drives
  19. It was more for accent lighting, the last PSU I did it in was an old XFX unit with perforated casting and it looked pretty good. Also thanks for having the best intentions for my well-being Spotty, it's appreciated!
  20. Well it's actually a red LED 140mm Corsair SP140 fan which I was going to put in there and yes it's aesthetics because i'm building a Star Wars Sith theme'd PC. Thanks for the clarification although considering you're a Corsair guy and I clearly was a fan of your companies work, i'm probably going to f**k your company off out of my setup as quickly as I possibly can.
  21. I've already done it once before, it's a case of un-soldering the original fan power cable and soldering it to the new fan, I'm comfortable with the process it's just I don't want to take my PSU out and dismantle it only to find the replacement is 5mm too big Also as Nick notes, it's for undercase lighting Spotty
  22. This feels like a stupid question but I would like to know anyway as i'm looking for a way to light up the PSU shroud red without resorting to LED strips....etc Corsair lists the fan size as 135mm, is the physical fan actually 5mm less than a regular 140mm fan?
  23. I could bite but I wont. Like anything, it can be done well or badly, depends on how well you plan it: