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  1. What code is your debug led array giving you? Code Description 10 PEI Core is started. 11 Pre-memory CPU initialization is started. 12~14 Reserved. 15 Pre-memory North-Bridge initializations is started. 16~18 Reserved. 19 Pre-memory South-Bridge initializations is started. 1A~2A Reserved. 2B~2F Memory initialization. 31 Memory installed. 32~36 CPU PEI initialization. 37~3A IOH PEI initialization. 3B~3E PCH PEI initialization. 3F~4F Reserved. 60 DXE Core is started. 61 NVRAM initialization. 62 Installation of the PCH runtime services. 63~67 CPU DXE
  2. Thanks, it just threw me as I've never owned a dual dimm motherboard before. My current mobo was always a stop gap as I couldn't decide when I got my 8700K, I dont see myself upgrading the processor for another couple of years as all I do is game on my PC on esports titles at the 240fps+
  3. I was watching a review of the XI Apex motherboard and they mention that the two dimm slots run in single channel mode. On the asus site it suggests that the board runs in "Dual channel memory architecture" Which one is correct please?
  4. Exactly, I'm saying theres no point in upgrading if you're not interested in high refresh rate gaming. I was giving scenarios where an Intel upgrade is relevant.
  5. You dont need a 2080ti but you do need a 1080ti/2080/2070 super...etc Calling someone dumb because they're an enthusiast is just rude.
  6. It very much depends on if it's a DX10,11 or 12 title. Example of core/thread utilization in a game using 3900x and 9900K, strictly speaking... your statement is wrong.
  7. Most people have 4-6 core cpus and most games are optimized for 4 cores/8 threads. It's got less to do with whether it's AMD or Intel and everything to do with IPC, frequency and utilization of cores/threads. The Ryzen maybe a better future proof cpu but there are barely any games which fully saturate a 6 core/12 thread cpu even in the most extreme of circumstances currently, however in 1-2 years time... who knows. However in 1-2 years i'd like to think Intel will have released their 10nm processors. It's an interesting time (finally).
  8. You dont need a 2080Ti to get high frame rates in most esports titles (exceptions such as Apex), at 1080p the bottleneck is the cpu
  9. Depends on the game, some games there's still a big gap and in others the AMD chip is faster. As usual I don't agree with you though Turtle (I wouldn't call the difference minuscule) but again it's subjective on what someone feel is justified, here is a great comparison that the YT channel Hardware Unboxed did which represents how I would use either a 3900x or a 9900K (the 9900K is very close to a 9700K for pure gaming):
  10. Research benchmarks on the games you want to play at the resolution you want to play and make your own mind up. "Worth" is so subjective based on what you want to achieve vs what your financial position is
  11. It depends on what resolution you're playing at, if you play at 1440p or 4K with high settings then there's little point. If you play at 1080p with a high refresh rate monitor for competitive gaming then a 9700K is probably a better bet for the cash. If you play at 1080p with a high refresh rate monitor for competitive gaming and stream then a 9900K is a better idea. You notice very little difference in usability on "normal" desktop tasks but you will notice a difference in medium/heavy lifting tasks.... but if I was doing anything remotely like this i'd likely opt for
  12. Someone told me 2PM EST on a twitch chat, hope its 9AM though!
  13. Im a bit confused I thought the release date for the CPUs was today, is there a specific time when the official reviews will be allowed to be uploaded? I havent seen diddly squat
  14. 3700x and 3900x benchmarks got leaked here:https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/amd-ryzen-7-3700x-ryzen-9-3900x-review-with-benchmarks-leaks-out.html
  15. I'm not desperate for a 2080ti, I just want one and i'd rather wait and buy a better one if it's coming out in the next 3 months/Q3
  16. Yeah im in a similar situation to you, have you got a link to the TU102 increase?
  17. I read that in response to Navi, nVidia is going to upgrade the memory on their range. Can anyone confirm if that'll extend to the 2080ti because i'll put off buying one if so?
  18. I've got a HP ZBook 15 G5 with an i7 8750H, it's pretty beasty for what I use it for
  19. I work at an aerospace engineering company and the reason they use xeons is because the cost of the setup is many multiples less than the lost time over the course that it takes to depreciate the asset
  20. Generally speaking, how long after the release at Computex does it take before we can buy the cpu/new chipset?
  21. For anyone else that has this issue, I ended up running it from a fan header and mapped the fan load against the cpu temperature during the gpu tests in 3dmark timespy and has solved the problem. With the strix OC bios it happily boosts to 2016mhz core and just over 6K mhz on the memory
  22. This is a bizarre thread, that is a fantastic price for a workstation PC that utilizes the extra RAM/cores/threads/pci-e lanes. I really don't see how you can compare it to a Ryzen 7 which is designed for a regular use (lets face it, games and web-browsing) as the 7 will stomp all over it in that arena.