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  1. I'll test to see if it's a good cpu first though
  2. Hi, I was hoping someone could tell me what tools I need to sleeve cables/changing connectors, I want to start by sleeving the naked cables on my d5 pumps and I also want to change the molex power connector to a sata type? Later I want to try my hand at putting different coloured connectors and combs on my RM1000X and a set of custom length power cables for an ITX system after this.
  3. I've got a d5 pump, 2x 360mm radiators and a xspc raystorm block ready to fit. Im also waiting on RDNA2 release, hopefully at CES in Jan, before I upgrade or buy a waterblock for my current 1080ti.
  4. It's more really just for hobby/project purposes, I was just wondering how much difference the paste (liquid metal vs traditional) makes in direct die with a der8auer OC-Frame
  5. Yep, I was just going to heat it up with my soldering iron in my delidding tool
  6. Hi, My 9900KF should be here tomorrow and I was wondering with direct die cooling, how much difference will using Conductonaut vs Kryonaut make (or similar)? I was going to use either nail varnish or liquid electrical tape to cover up the vulnerable areas on the top of the cpu and use Conductonaut
  7. awesome, thanks for taking the time to explain!
  8. Yeah I wasn't sure about the key cap sizes, I was thinking about a complete set and changing the main ones WASD...etc
  9. I want to get a few bright/neon orange custom keys but im not sure which ones I need to buy for my keyboard: https://www.amazon.co.uk/DREVO-Excalibur-Mechanical-Keyboard-Specially/dp/B01MRWXDHC/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_147_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=8HVB6TVGPMFY3FDBKH9J&th=1 (I'm a complete noob to this, sorry if this is a dumb question)
  10. Scratch that I have litterally just found the guide online, EK mentions 0.5mm and 1mm pads: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/EK-IM/EK-IM-3831109831915.pdf
  11. A friend of mine has a 1080ti waterblock (EK fc1080 gtx ti) for sale but no thermal pads, does anyone know what thickness I need to buy in order to replace them please?
  12. Sounds good, i've got an S9 so that should be okay? Are there any good tutorials for Blender that you could recommend?
  13. Hi all, I'm thinking about setting up a youtube channel to record my next build as I want to learn how to produce media to help support a business idea I have (unrelated to PC hardware), I was hoping someone could give me a list of things i'll need to get in order to get a good level or production on a limited budget. To set the record straight... I'm a complete newbie to video production so i'm hoping you can help me with a list of essentials: Video camera Tripod Editing software (any recommendations?) Microphone (I already have a blue yeti,
  14. Thanks for the informative reply, I think the most I would be willing to spend tops out with the Cerberus X at $265 I forgot about be quiet! I think the PURE BASE 500 fits the bill nicely too
  15. Sorry, expecting you guys to be inside my head! By tougher I ment good structural rigidity and tough panels, no glass for example!
  16. I'm looking for something tougher than my x570 case and could use some help I saw Linus review of the Dune Mac Pro clone case and it's nearly perfect but it's cable management and cooling leave quite a bit to be desired considering the price point with the dice y front panel. That said it ticks allot of boxes 3mm aluminium panels Good handles Good ridgidity Aesthetics Solid side panels (no glass to break) Negatives Only 3x120mm at the front High price Bad cable management The only other cases I've
  17. Ahh so you have to search the code behind the base clock on the CPU, so the above is a P0 stepping, thanks!
  18. Thanks for your comments guys, I think I will stick with Z390 for a bit longer and look at a 9900K as the 3900X isnt far enough ahead in the type of things that I want to do to warrant a platform change, just been watching too much tech on YT and getting carried away I think!
  19. Hi all, Potentially a dumb question but how do I work out from the cpu what stepping or age of the cpu from the code on the top? Example:
  20. I'm building up another PC and I was hoping someone could give me some pointers on a good ATX board for a 3900x system? I'm not really going to use SLI or PCI-E 4.0 so it doesn't feel like there's a good reason to go with an x570 motherboard, the only advantage I can see is faster memory but I read that tighter timings are more important than raw mhz? It's mostly going to get used for business related projects, so it'll be used for the usual video/photo projects and also some CAD programs like Solidworks...etc but it'll also likely replace my 8700K gaming rig as I can't
  21. I currently have a Alienware AW2518HF because I used to play 100% competitive FPS like OW/Apex but I have been bitten by the WoW Classic bug. What monitor is going to give me a good quality image for long periods of gaming and a fast refresh rate? Ideally I would like it to be 27"+ I can spend £600 or $750 USD I don't mind waiting if there's something due to be released within the next 3 months or so?
  22. Okay cool, I was a bit worried about the different controllers but I guess it's no different to mechanical drives
  23. I was wondering if there is any benefit to running say 3x 970 evo drives as opposed to mixing a firecude 510, aorus and say a wd black sn750? For example if I where to run the three in raid would it cause any problems?
  24. I've seen this for sale in the UK but as of yet the only review i've seen is by GGF events: Has anyone seen any other reviews yet? Really like the look of it but im not sure if I should wait for the Lian Li O11 dynamic XL ?