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  1. I was hoping for a quick answer but I think you're right
  2. https://www.intel.co.uk/content/www/uk/en/support/articles/000006160/services.html What information do I need to provide? The following information is required to process warranty requests: Proof of purchase Intel® Technology Provider Program membership number (if member) Your email address and telephone number Your shipping address Name of the product The system product code and serial number for Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB) Server Systems Product part number Serial number or sSpec for boards or server products Ba
  3. So under normal circumstances you don't need a purchase receipt? That's interesting I always thought you needed both SN and receipt, and one of those was directly to Gigabyte for a Z390 Master?
  4. I too have not had a cpu die on me, however I have had RAM and motherboards die on me so it is unfortunately possible. When I have RMA parts in the past every one of the companies has requested the serial number of the part and a purchase receipt, is Intel different?
  5. I'm thinking about buying a 7980XE, when inquiring on one such opportunity I asked about warranty as with such an expensive (at least to someone like me) CPU, we want warranty as it's for business use. However the seller doesn't have an original receipt and was given a "warranty replacement receipt" as his first CPU died. I have cut out the details but I wanted to know if I could use this incase I needed warranty support during the period it is covered?
  6. Yeah thats the one I found too but I was hoping there was some resource I hadn't found yet which was more up-to-date as that website seems to have been dormant since mid 2016? Good idea on the mockup though, I am waiting for my Z390 Master to come back from RMA, once it's back i'll give this a try!
  7. Perhaps I am not getting what I want over as I'm new to this, what I am trying to ask is what features do I need, as in what spec should I look at... for example how much ram is advisable or allot of them list dual and quad core...etc? I've been reading a whole heap of reviews but allot of it isn't clear and seems for lack of a better description... a ton of very confusing marketing bullshit..
  8. Sorry that's not what I meant, I meant that if I have to use the wireless for gaming like if I have a few friends over, that the router has features which improve the experience
  9. I have 2x white XSPC AX360 ready to go into my new View 71 case but I decided to go with a black PC case instead so I am going to either attempt to exchange or sell them. I was going to swap them for EK Coolstream XE360 radiators but I was wondering if there is any up-to-date comparisons as im conscious the XE360 has been out for about 3-4 years now and I want to make sure I am spending my money wisely..? (Well as wisely as you can when watercooling a PC anyway!) Also as a side note, i'm also conscious that the XE360 is quite a bit thicker than the AX360, will it fit in
  10. I honestly don't know what features I need or even what they're called I want something that's wireless which I can connect my other PC's with a connection that's fast enough for me to transfer big files like 20 minutes of 4K footage which could be upwards of 7gb. Something which has features which improve my gaming experience in competitive online FPS (Overwatch/Apex), whether wired or wireless.
  11. Sorry I mean it actually downloads at 4.4mb/s I think the actual ISP quoted rate is 70Mbs I am clueless when it comes to this kind of thing, allot of the more expensive routers i've looked at state they have features which look for closest/best connections between my PC and the game server? What do you guys think about the Netgear XR500?
  12. It hadn't occoured to me until today that I have had a regular (once per day or two) issue with my voice coms at the three different addresses, it would randomly break up, either completely or like a robot for about 5 secs even though I had no windows/torrents...etc sucking bandwidth. I have a completely different PC and headset now too. So that leaves the cable and router right, as I have always used a wired connection? My ping always seemed pretty good, sub 100ms so I always assumed it was just one of those things... but I would like to try and replace my ISP stock ro
  13. It'll be absolutely fine, once you get more comfortable with your PC you can try to overclock the ram you have
  14. Only if you where going from single channel to dual channel, otherwise it wouldn't make any noticable difference.
  15. Yes there will be a massive difference, I would look for a 2070 super or a 5700 XT, also bear in mind that ram makes more difference now so a 3600mhz 2x8gb kit is important if you want to get the most out of this setup. SSD also make a massive difference in speed.
  16. You have to ask yourself how often will you be transcoding/using all those extra cores? If you will be using them daily/earning money with - 3950x or move up to threadripper. Weekly basis/not earning money - 3700 or a 3900x. I dont see the value of SKU inbetween. Gaming with a touch of productivity - 3600.
  17. XMP *is* overclocking if the spec is higher than the CPU/Ram base clock, if you have a weak IMC/motherboard...etc there is a small potential you wont be able to run Ram specs past base clocks. I would suggest getting the 3600 kit and have some fun tinkering watch a few vids first though as the motherboard/memory training process can be a bit disconcerting at first when it goes into its restart loops! The good thing about memory tuning is that Ram speed/timings are generally allot tougher/forgiving than your Cpu core clock. Worth/value is always subjective,
  18. I have no idea, perhaps it's an intermittent fault such as a slightly bent motherboard pin? It's not the 5.2GHz clock either as I tried the 9900KF at stock speeds too, I can't replicate it on my Z370P D3. I'll post up the results of what the Gigabyte techs find but i'm not expecting to get my Z390 Master back until early Jan
  19. Oh jeez, so I thought to myself I need to know if it's the motherboard before I give up entirely on my 9900KF. So I plugged in my old Z370DP D3 and so far i've got the 9900KF at 4.8ghz all core in Cinebench/3dmark (Haven't pushed it further as the VRM is beyond weak) And the memory.... 3866 16-16-16-36 It won't post any higher speed than that and I don't want to push the memory timings any further as the bench scores actually started to decrease. I tried the Z390 with three kits of RAM and 9900KF on the latest Bios and those kits work
  20. I can confirm that memory speed does matter and does effect fps depending on the engine, so it is important to me as I play at 1080. Well at least it's a known factor, this is the first cpu I've had with a poor IMC. I'll try to get it working at 2666 otherwise I guess in going to struggle to return it. Thanks for the replies!
  21. Thanks for replying but I actually found them today
  22. So my 9900KF is a strong overclocker in terms of CPU core clock but it's utterly abysmal at memory overclocking...… I wondered if it was the motherboard but my old 8700K is still able to run 4400mhz XMP, yet I can't even get my 9900KF to run at 3200mhz with very relaxed memory timings and standard core clocks.... Is there anything I should try before I return it as it has completed Cinebench at 5.2Ghz?
  23. I had an after market cooler on my 1080Ti founders edition, I want to put the blower back on so I can fit it into an ITX rig but I can't find the screws for love nor money, the 3 that go above the ports.... is there anywhere that I can buy them?
  24. If you are an enthusiast gamer get a 3600X based system with a 2070 Super, 6 core 12 thread will probably last longer and is much better value and likewise for a 2070 Super. If you are a competitive gamer who wants optimal 1080 FPS look at the spec in my sig, the 1080ti is still a great gpu for the games you listed (if you're comfortable buying second hand). You won't need an RM1000X PSU, RM650X or equivalent will be fine. I am also swapping over the M.2 storage. i've been slowly building my PC up over the last few years, upgrade path over the last few years: