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  1. Hi i'm furiously googling but I can't find anything so I was wondering if it was possible to buy more matching fans for the GT501 case?
  2. I mean if you've got nothing else better to do, give it a try but please be careful and respect the fact that you're dealing with dangerous/costly subject matter This idea is as old as watercooling, however just bear in mind that the water will heat up over time even with an i3 if you try to cover it, you've got to give the water an avenue to evaporate
  3. Kitsan

    280hz monitors

    Im getting an itch to replace mine with an IPS 240+ display now that i've replaced my 1080ti with a 2080ti, if you get one, let me know how you like it please?
  4. there's also this one as well o_O https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc-trio-rtx-2080-ti-classic-rgb-nickel-pl I R CONFUSED.
  5. I was wondering what the difference is between these two blocks, is the metal plate for reinforcing it or something? https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-quantum-vector-trio-rtx-2080-ti-d-rgb-nickel-plexi https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc-trio-rtx-2080-ti-classic-rgb-nickel-pl Are there any other good waterblocks for it?
  6. Yep, they worked! Not sure why but I thought there was variation on threads
  7. I've bought some SilverStone SST-FN123 fans and 20mm M3 bolts, hopefully the threads match my radiator!
  8. How do you mount them as the screws that come with the radiator will either been too short or too long? Are there any less expensive options than the Noctua as I would be buying 6x of these?
  9. Top 360mm: There isn't really enough clearance to the motherboard/ram so I would like to try some slim fans to make it a little less crowded plus with 2x360mm I dont need lots of fan power Front 360mm: I want to run a push/pull arrangement in my case, I tried fitting some normal 25mm thick fans to the front of my meshify s2 but it causes the front mesh panel to bulge and the front panel doesnt really fit properly and unfortunately with my res I can't mount it push pull behind the case mounting point. Also what screws would I use as the ones that come with the radiator w
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys, feels like the standard NF-A14 is the best noise to performance ratio for a 140mm radiator fan? I wanted something quiet as I'm building this system for when I go back to uni in September to study an MBA but can also keep the 9900KF nice and cool.
  11. Im thinking about getting one of these to go with my NZXT H1 when it arrives, I was wondering if the iPPC-3000 is the same noise as the regular Noctua NF-A14 at the same RPM... but with a much higher ceiling? Is the Noctua NF-A14 still the best aftermarket fan for a radiator?
  12. For anyone with the same issue, these wont working in a z390 master, the thread size is too small... I wasted some money on them. This is what you need
  13. Gigabyte replied and said the far screws are for the heatsink retention and are not designed to be removed. They're also going to post out replacement parts to me today, so I guess it's not a massive issue!
  14. My original motherboard had two sets of stand offs, the rma replacement only had one. Thanks for the link, I hope they have the same thread as my motherboard
  15. I'm getting seriously pissed off with my motherboard now. I got the RMA but it's missing the m.2 standoffs for my drives which are shorter, any idea how i put stand offs in and where to buy them? I did give them a try with plyers but they look like they've got some sort of lockite on them.
  16. I don't understand allot of the commentary here but it does show allot more benchmarks than the typical blender results that most youtubers go for: https://www.sisoftware.co.uk/tag/avx512/
  17. I was wondering what the use case was for Skylake X CPUs now as they still seem to be selling well on ebay, I did a little research and it seems like they're good for real time tasks like music production: http://www.dawbench.com/benchmarks.htm Is there anything else that they're better at than AMD's 2950x and 3950x.... other than heating your home? (Not sure 3990/70/60x are a direct comparison as they're allot more expensive now)
  18. Well a 1080ti is so close in performance to a 2080 Super that I don't think you'd notice the difference, likewise a 3600X isn't much different to a 3700X in games but it would make a difference in some productivity uses. I'd say return the 3700X, get a 3600 and stash the money for the new AMD/Geforce GPUs coming out this year. I have the money and I still won't buy a 2080Ti because its so over priced for what I need it for.
  19. I would agree that it's definitely not the CPU which is causing stuttering unless it's faulty. A used 8700K at the price he's got it for is a good buy. Will it last as long as a 2600K or a 3900X... who knows and that's subjective in itself.
  20. I'm waiting for my Z390 master to be RMA, I should really update my signature but I upgraded to M.2 storage a month or so ago. Currently i'm using my old PC which i've been using for Media and it only has a small 128gb sata ssd. If I can at least get my m.2 storage drive working, i'd be happy.
  21. Hmm I was actually hoping to use it as the boot drive, what would I need to do?
  22. Might be a stupid question but I was wondering if I put an m.2 mounted 960 evo on an adapter card like this: On my Z77 Asus Formula, will it work normally? I'm unsure if the older boards like this will have a controller which will work with an NVMe drive like this
  23. Or you could import it from somewhere else in the EU? If you're getting a z370/8700k/32gb 3200mhz and a RX570 for 5000KR. That's a damn good deal.
  24. IMHO if you're buying new, an 8700K is the wrong CPU. If you've found a good deal used, go for it but make sure you buy a good VRM Z390 motherboard so you can upgrade later.
  25. If you're just gaming and web browsing like most people it's pretty much up there with the best. I noticed a difference when I moved from an 8600k to a 8700k. I didn't notice a difference when I moved from 2600k to 8600k or when i moved from 8700k to 9900kf. If you're not gaming at 1080 for high refresh rates, theres not much point imho.