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  1. On 10/19/2020 at 8:13 PM, lee32uk said:

    Phanteks P600S


    Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2

    I like the P600S for sure


    Pro 2 is a bit too massive


    On 10/19/2020 at 7:24 PM, TVwazhere said:

    Coolermaster NR600P

    MasterBox NR600P | Cooler Master


    I think this might be the winner! Only drawback is that it's the most expensive (not by too much though)


    I still like the Silent Base 601/801 especially as i've realised that I can remove the front centre panel easily...


    Thanks for the suggestions!



  2. 50 minutes ago, GhostRoadieBL said:

    The BeQuiet Pure Base series are also great


    Pure base 500 could work but front looks restrictive, not sure I want to cut holes in it unless I have to...


    Silent base 601/801 with solid panel looks good though, could probably brute force enough airflow

  3. I'm thinking about getting a nice chair because my current one (Pretty cheap) is worn out... however with Covid, it's hard to actually visit a place and sit in some... so i'm going to roll the dice.


    I like the Humanscale Freedom Hi Back but I was wondering if anyone had any postive/negative experiences and/or suggestions on a good seat?

  4. 17 minutes ago, Stahlmann98 said:

    I personally loved my AOC AG352UCG6, a 120Hz 34" VA ultrawide. There is no big difference between 120Hz and 144Hz. Most people, including me, won't notice the difference. VA has much better blacks than IPS monitors and thus often have better contrast and image quality. IPS is more responsive and has better color performance as VA on the other hand. But i could keep on rambling about different display techs for ages.


    Basically out of these 2 monitors the Alienware is the better choice imo.

    This specific AOC model has several reports on issues when using it with G-Sync.



    Now to the more important info: I personally went back to 16:9 because ultrawide is still a lot of hassle. First off you need a very strong GPU for 3440x1440 because it's almost as demanding as 4K. Many games natively don't support 21:9 or do a very bad job at it. For games like Witcher 3, Assasins Creed Odyssey and Terraria you need to dig into the .exe and make changes to it so you have proper ultrawide support ingame. Some games like Skyrim are fixable with mods. And with other games like RDR2 you can't do anything about a bad 21:9 implementation without the risk of getting banned for tempering with the games files. Some very old games won't even launch when running a 21:9 resolution in Windows. Basically there is a lot of tinkering involved. I found myself often researching a game's ultrawide support before making my buying decision, and in the end this is the reason i went back to 16:9. It's just more convenient.


    Yes, if you have games that properly support 21:9 it's an awesome experience, but sadly still many games, even new ones, still don't have a good implementation. This is partly because there are no 21:9 TVs and a lot of games are designed with consoles in mind.


    I'll receive my Samsung Odyssey G7 32" today and i'm happy about not having to worry about monitor support again when buying new games or tinkering around to not have black bars at the sides or extremely cramped fov.


    If you have any more questions about ultrawide, feel free to ask.

    I've used my ultrawide for a little over 2 years now and i can share a lot more about my experience with it.

    Thanks for the really informative reply!


    I guess the main reason for me moving to ultra-wide is that i'm going back to uni to study an MBA and an ultrawide will take up less space than my 32" IPS 4K 60hz and 25" TN 1080p 240hz while still being able to support two or three windows to run different programs/compare documents and webpages and play games/esports titles in my down time


    I'm a little nervous about making the transition because I fully appreciate your points about going back to 16:9 and it's the reason why I never adopted it... however I feel like the productivity element of it for what i'll be using it for is very useful.


    Really appreciate your throughts though 👍

  5. A friend of mine is selling his AW3418DW 34" and im debating on whether to buy it, has technolegy moved on allot in the last 3 years?


    The other monitor I was thinking of buying (new) was the AOC CU34G2X but it's not IPS, doesnt have native G-sync and it's not on the Nivida list of approved monitors (although I know allot of unsupported monitors do work), however it is 144hz.

    • Has anyone got real experience of 120hz vs 144hz?

    For ultrawide owners, is there any advice from ownership, like

    • Is VA a good experience
    • Wished you'd gotten a higher refresh
    • ...etc
  6. On 8/18/2020 at 4:55 AM, VeganJoy said:

    its a recent one, r0 stepping and almost certainly after they started binning for the ks. good news is that 5ghz@1.29v was free and it can almost certainly go lower if i wanted to fuck around with it, bad news is that takes me up to 100C in p95 lmao (80C in benchmarks and games which is passable i guess, would rather not deal with that though lol)


    e: whoops nevermind, i was gonna run p95 to share my actual voltages with op buuuuuut i am rewarded with a bsod from overheating lmao, no 5ghz for me

    What cooler are you running?


    Bear in mind mines direct die cooled with liquid metal to get 5ghz 80C in P95, whats your AVX offset as you probably wont get 5ghz in p95 without a custom loop?

  7. 13 minutes ago, VeganJoy said:

    oh ok, i'll have to look into that. im about to slot a 9900k in my z390 hero but my ambient temp is 26-27C, its not delidded, and all ive got is a bigass noctua. 5ghz without spontaneously combusting would be a feat of engineering and a lot of luck here lol


    Well mine seems much happier now, while running at 5.1ghz I couldnt change the cache ratio past 45x and now it's happy at 50x. I think it was running at 1.24-1.28v VCORE this whole time.

  8. 1 minute ago, VeganJoy said:

    sure p95 is likely to be more intensive than any other workload you'll ever use but it's nice to know that your system can handle anything that'll get thrown its way. my on the spot, shitty analogy would be that car manufacturers dont base their cars' safety on how well it holds up under normal conditions, they crash it and do silly shit to it


    from my experience with my maximus xi hero it wont give your cpu more voltage than it needs, especially in p95. if im running my 9700k at 5ghz and i give it 1.35v it'll only use 1.3v in non avx, 1.2 in avx as i have an offset. dunno much more than that. also, what do you mean by "debaurs manual 5ghz 24/7 preset


    Agree on the p95, i've noticed that allot of people on this forum don't read questions (this is not aimed at you).


    debaurs manual 5ghz 24/7 is a preset in the bios, you can select it and it automatically configures the BIOS

  9. 5 minutes ago, Shimejii said:

    Prime 95 Is Awful and you shouldn't use it. Test your thermals using what you are actually going to do. Other then that 80 degrees under load doesnt sound that bad.

    That's not what im asking, im asking why I am having to use XTU to manually adjust VCORE rather than what has been set in the BIOS.

  10. I have been using debaurs manual 5ghz 24/7 preset in my maximus xi gene, the adaptive one has always been unstable and I just assumed it was because my 9900K wasnt very good.


    I was preparing my system for sale and running prime95 to ensure everything was stable and good for the new owner.... then I noticed than Intels XTU/CPU-Z/CPUID HW Monitor where all showing different values for the VCORE and none of them were showing 1.35v for it (which is the preset).


    So I used XTU to push an extra 0.1v into the VCORE and it's sitting at 80C direct die water cooled while running prime95, does this sound right?


    What is going on?





  11. 3 hours ago, SavageNeo said:

    probably because 9900k need more cooling than any small itx case can support.

    Exactly and I would need to buy a decent ITX board too

    3 hours ago, Nena Trinity said:

    I think if someone can verify X model works then go for it but do not update to latest BIOS when 4th Gen comes, also it seems people say ASUS and MSI boards mostly seems to work and on ASRock it apparently works sorta, you can never save BIOS settings... OwO 

    Good point, i'll make sure to note which bios versions work if I do decide to go with a 1st gen

  12. 1 minute ago, spectre_laser97 said:

    Unless you have any specific reason to get B550(PCIe Gen 4, more PCIe overall), it is better to get a B450 that guarentees Zen 3 support. Though, there is ROG Strix X570-E that support gen 1.

    Fair point, I was hoping to use B550 or X570 as they support better memory tuning although it's interesting that you note the X570-E supports gen 1, i'll research that

  13. 7 minutes ago, Mister Woof said:



    And why would you do this?


    Just use what you got and get a new B600 or X600 when the new chips launch instead of intentionally starting off behind.


    whoa, no need to be so passive aggressive !








    1800X working on an X570 for example, I was hoping to compare notes with people who have experience with it or were knowledgable on the subject


    I want to sell my ATX water cooled system now as I don't want to transport it to University as i'm going back to study my MBA, plus i'll get more money for it now.

  14. I just wanted some advice to get it clear in my own mind to make sure i'm not wasting money.


    CPU encoding - Is the most wasteful as highest impact on the game played/other streaming processes


    GPU encoding - how much impact does that have on CPU/GPU usage? NVENC...etc


    Capture card - I find this most confusing, there seems to be a few different types, does this take load off the CPU if used in a single PC setup?


    Is it still worth buying a completely seperate PC for streaming?