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  1. Is there anything you can suggest I try? This motherboard didn't come with a speaker and there's not one with the case, if I plug in some headphones to the jack will I be able to hear the diagnostic beeps? I did wonder why he asked about my GPUs but I thought he might be suggesting one was faulty
  2. You can use different gpu for different tasks, SLI doesnt scale 100% so you actually get more productivity running them seperately, so in a render farm you don't need SLI and infact its a disadvantage I swapped out each of the 3080 for a 3090 just to see if one of the 3080s was causing an issue and it didn't make any difference to the 00 boot issue
  3. Sometimes when I turn my PC on I get a 00 error and I need to turn my PC off and back on again and then it posts fine, any idea what could be causing that? Motherboard is an Asus rog strix x299-e gaming ii with a 9900X cpu, it's running 3x RTX 3080 and 4x8 GB of B-die. I'm wondering if it's the PSU as it's a kind of "cheap" Kolink 1200W Continuum unit but I don't get any shut downs or weird behavior during operation, although it did trip my fuse box a couple of times in my PCs old location when I turned it on.... but since I moved my PC and im using a different socket,
  4. Sorry I don't understand 4 = blank, 5 = 3x140, 6 = 3x120 and 7 = 140mm
  5. Yes 3 is going to be mounted vertically as the slots on the motherboard won't allow me to mount all three cards normally All three cards will be air cooled, i'm just wondering if running 5 and 6 as intake?
  6. I was wondering if there's any articles on what works better for rigs with high power consumption? 1 - RTX 3090 2 - RTX 3080 3 - RTX 3080 4 - Intake or leave blank as it'll cause turbulance? 5 - Intake 6 - 360mm AIO exhaust or maybe intake? 7 - Exhaust I'm a trying to ensure the RTX 3090 stays cool as it's pushed up quite close to the RTX3080 below it due to motherboard layout, I can't swap them around or there won't be enough space for the riser cable in the bottom 16x slot:
  7. No worries, I was kind of surprised that there isn't more information on the standard for slots to be honest
  8. I was going to ask on their forum but activation of an account takes 24 hours apparently
  9. I did post a more detailed request here: it's a ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME OMEGA motherboard but I thought i'd ask the question in a different way here :S
  10. I can't seem to find the standard width of an expansion slot in a case, i'm trying to calculate if a Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC (H=56 mm) will clash with a PCI-E riser cable plugged 2 sockets below it?
  11. I've been offered a good deal on this motherboard, I'm trying to work out how many GPU I can fit in my Enthoo Pro 2 case and i'm struggling to find the PCI-E spacing on the ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME OMEGA motherboard, it doesnt seem to mention it anywhere in the manual? It "looks" like I have 3 slots for the top x16 slot, two for the second x16 slot and one for the bottom x16 slot? Can one who has the board confirm please or anyone that has a source that confirms this? I have a RTX 3090 FE I want to put in the top slot, Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC to put in the
  12. Honestly I would go with this deal as the 3700x is only faster in select workloads and the 5600x is allot faster in the vast majority of gaming loads
  13. Yeah i'm betting there will be some sweet cometlake and coffeelake deals
  14. Hell a 5600x+b550 and use the 2080 nvec for streaming would be even faster
  15. Yeah I kinda guessed, there's nothing wrong with that but you'd be better served with "normal" desktop parts since you've got easy access to 8/12/16 core parts now.... I don't think you are likely to see much if any difference from your x99 setup.