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Saad Bin Shahid

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    Saad Bin Shahid reacted to Oliver Murphy in Graphics Card Upgrade   
    Upgrade your CPU first, as it will bottleneck
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    Saad Bin Shahid reacted to BlockedTheShot in Graphics Card Upgrade   
    I think you should upgrade the cpu first. I know i'm a hypocrite since I have a i5 4690k and rtx 2070, but at least when I upgraded the gpu, my old gpu wasn't bottlenecking(gtx 970) and saw good peformance gains.
    The i3 in your pc however is already bottlenecking the 780 ti, so you won't see any gains. I would go to a i5 8th gen series or ryzen 5 at the least if you are planning on getting a 2080
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    Saad Bin Shahid reacted to Fasauceome in Graphics Card Upgrade   
    Gotta give em the benefit of the doubt, not everyone gets it. There was a user incredulous that a $50 budget for a CPU to go with a 2080 ti was unreasonable.
    Bad upgrade, i3 + 2080 = awful
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    Saad Bin Shahid reacted to lookpuppy in Graphics Card Upgrade   
    Obvious troll