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    sub68 reacted to TVwazhere in Moderators on the Forum   
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    sub68 reacted to SansVarnic in Moderators on the Forum   
    Your wish has been granted.
    BTW my banhammer was fed recently so its satisfied atm, notice the normal pfp. <community sighs in relief> 
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    sub68 reacted to Beerzerker in Moderators on the Forum   
    FX-9370 and yes, confirmed it as working just a few minutes ago from this post.
    Setting it up now for some Ln2 action tomorrow to see what it can do.
    Gotta get the dewar refilled and it's ON.

    The operative word being "Yet".......
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    sub68 reacted to GDRRiley in Moderators on the Forum   
    clearly too much time wasted today so think about your actions.
    Mods enjoy this thread being quite 
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    sub68 reacted to GDRRiley in Moderators on the Forum   
    the time wasting may continue
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    sub68 reacted to LogicalDrm in Moderators on the Forum   
    If it was up to me, the lock from month ago would be permanent.
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    sub68 reacted to IkeaGnome in Why onboard video?   
    At work for Oracle, web browsing, Excel and Outlook this gets me by just fine. I end up short on RAM occasionally. If I close out one of 5 or so spreadsheets it sorts it's self out (Too lazy to put in a ticket for more RAM).

    At home. This wouldn't work for my use case.
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    sub68 reacted to wkdpaul in Anti-Virus for pirates?   
    @Procyan NLN, just to let you know that host file protection is normal, it's been added by MS in Defender (and other anti-virus) for about a year now ;
    Not sure why your Bitdefender install is tripping, but it shouldn't remove applications like this, unless you've downloaded them from unofficial sites and they contain viruses (that's totally a thing, and by the title, I'm guessing that's what is happening here).
    If you need a software, get the official version, if you want pirated versions and need help with that, then I'm afraid we can't help (see the Community Standards)
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    sub68 reacted to wkdpaul in Anti-Virus for pirates?   
    * Thread cleaned *
    Either help the OP or move on.
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    sub68 reacted to FakeKGB in Moderators on the Forum   
    Given that the mods are 5-6? pages ahead of us, I'd say it's likely.
    Disguise yourself by changing your PFP to this:
    and your username to sub69.
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    sub68 reacted to James Evens in Moderators on the Forum   
    @LogicalDrm Thanks for classifying moderators on the forum not as crazy and spammy thread.
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    sub68 reacted to TetraSky in Why onboard video?   
    That's where you're wrong.
    Most computers actually use integrated graphics.
    Gamers don't make up the majority of computer users. Business users and people buying PCs from HP or Dell on the cheap, which typically use iGPUs, are much more numerous.
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    sub68 reacted to Slottr in Why onboard video?   
    Not everyone needs a dedicated gpu
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    sub68 reacted to RAM555789 in Drawing tablet for beginner?   
    Well yeah I knew they wanted a drawling tablet, just wanted to add another perspective, because if they already have a laptop setup it could be a lot cheaper to get a Wacom and some decent drawling software and go that route, Also depends on how good the laptop monitor is with color range, and how well the software they would use works.
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    sub68 got a reaction from Eschew in Discord the next Tumblr   
    laughs I am using pixiv
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    sub68 reacted to gabrielcarvfer in Discord the next Tumblr   
    Isn't it funny how Twitter gets a free pass?
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    sub68 reacted to RorzNZ in Discord the next Tumblr   
    To be fair if you want to watch porn, why are you searching on discord?
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    sub68 reacted to Jumballi in Discord the next Tumblr   
    In a push, possibly to appease apple, Discord is adding the option to mark entire servers as NSFW, and users on ios will no longer have access to those servers. This is the second social media platform that's done as significant a push to hide and remove pornographic content since Tumblr wiped porn from it's site in a push to remove child pornography.
    My thoughts
    As an IOS user, this makes it very hard to moderate servers where we might mark it as NSFW to block children. This is similar to how Tumblr lost nearly all of it's value, however the content appears to still be up if you want access it on a PC, browser or Android app.
    It's a little unclear if it's whole servers that'll be removed, or anything marked NSFW, as there's some conflicting reports, but most say just NSFW servers.
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    sub68 got a reaction from Burnlan in Experiences with non-techies   
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    sub68 reacted to Eschew in What song are you listening to right now.   
    Vocals: YUI
    Reminds a lil' of The Fray - How to Save a Life?
    Getting the impression it's a song about losing someone. Can't translate the entire song, but I'm picking up references to living (生き続けてる), death (死んでしまった時に), tears (泣いていた時), so on and so forth.
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    sub68 got a reaction from soldier_ph in Show off your Lego!   
    I just don't have the money to buy all them
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    sub68 got a reaction from soldier_ph in Show off your Lego!   
    I have that nissan GTR on my desk
  23. Informative
    sub68 reacted to Beerzerker in Moderators on the Forum   
    You need to advertise that - You know, sell it.

    "Need someone to follow you around, call you night and day, make you think there are right behind the door you're about to open or they've been in your home but your current stalker just isn't getting it done to your satisfaction?"

    "Personal stalking services available with VERY reasonable rates by the week or month with packages just starting at $**.** and I'm always on the job, 24/7 to make sure you get the most stalk for your buck!"

    "Call Me!"

    Something like that should scare up a few bucks for you.
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    sub68 reacted to FakeKGB in which video are you watching right now?   
    So this is where the band-aid came from in their Resizable BAR video.
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    sub68 got a reaction from Burnlan in Experiences with non-techies