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  1. Ouch. Any way to prevent this? As I have mentioned before, I couldn't screw the graphics card
  2. Hello LTT forums. I should have asked this as I was building my PC. On February, as I was building my PC, I noticed that I couldn't align the GPU screw hole with the case holes. Not knowing what to do, I left it unscrewed. Sometimes, on the back of the PC, the graphics card looks a bit tilted but so far I just survived by moving it up every few moments or so with my bare hand. I feel like an idiot for both letting this happen and asking this just now. What are the consequences to this, and how can I fix it? The graphics card is a single fan Gigabyte GTX 1050 TI,
  3. Hi. I am getting a Hanns.G HW191D and have noticed frequency of said monitor is 50-60hz. In Europe, the frequency is 50hz and was wondering if it would work. If this is an idiotic question I apologize in advance.
  4. Thanks so much for the help! The issue has been fixed. I hope to continue my PC build.
  5. Hello everyone. I was building my first ever PC, but when I screwed in a screw in a standoff, it suddenly came off and now this happens. (See images) What do I do?? Thanks in advance, A very frustrated PC builder