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  1. So from my reading I need some kind of a fan controller, can anyone help guide me in the right direction?
  2. Hey guys. I'm back with a quick followup question. (System is built!) I haven't built a PC in 6 years and I'm not very knowledgable on case fans. The TLDR is: I purchased 3 additional fans, but I can't plug them in/turn them on, the case also has a little fan controller switch but I don't know how to make that work or plug that in. Case: Be Quiet Silent Base 601 (Datasheet, Manual, It also came dented, in process of replacing.) Fans: Be Quiet BL040 (x3) My motherboard has two "SYS FAN"s, but I have 5 fans. I'm assuming I'm missing some sort of device that would a
  3. Budget (including currency): $1000-$2200. Relatively open. Country: United States Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Cinema4D R19 with Octane Render, Blender with Cycles, Adobe Premiere Pro, Gaming. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Parts I own: Monitors: LG 27GL850-B, XB24TH, FHD2400. Keyboard/Mouse CPU: 5950x GPU: RTX 3090 Parts I need: Case: I'
  4. Great ideas and fair points. Thanks again @LaFemmeEnVert! I expect sometime within the next several weeks we'll be able to execute on the hardware above and I'll finally be able to get this show on the road! I feel better knowing that I won't sound like a complete idiot now when discussing this with management
  5. Understood 100%. The content would likely be copy/pasted and then wiped from the drive after every project. Our longest shoot(s) last for approximately 5 hours, so as long as I can get 5-10 hours of 1080p footage from 5 ISOs it'll be nice to simply offload one drive after every project. Not a bad idea. Thanks to your help, it looks like we have a bit of wiggle room in the budget now for a nice wireless system One last fun question or two: If I were allowed to get a little crazy (unlikely), lets say I wanted to have my top-down ceiling camera remote c
  6. Any issues going with a large USB-C based SSD Drive vs. several small ones? This is a small thing, but I'll have to contend with our IT department to get this to work. They're very picky over what has network access but I suspect I'll be able to get permissions on this. Will do! As far as wireless, our talent is pretty picky about that and prefers wireless. So we'd ether have to go Wireless LAV or wired boom mic with some superior level of quality (as most boom mics I've used that can remain hidden from all 4 cameras is tough and sound quality suffers as a result).
  7. Thanks for another information filled reply, I really appreciate it!! This is starting to make more sense to me. $1500. 2 LAV Microphone Receiver/Transmitters. $80. $250 Audio Mixer. $10. Microphone Receiver to Audio Mixer Cable (guessing this will be included in #1 or #2). $2610. 4 DSLRs (~3x Panasonic GH4 w/kit lens, + the Panasonic GH4 I currently own + power adapters so no batteries needed). $40. HDMI Cables. $400. Video Mixer (To connect all 4 DSLR HDMI cables). $900. Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO. $100. External USB-C HDD. No need for re
  8. Wow this is great @LaFemmeEnVert!! Thanks for writing this up. Very very helpful. I'd like the ability to record all 4 ISOs + Output directly to a PC as 5 seperate videos without SD cards. Is this possible? I actually remember disliking Premiere's Multicam feature. It's been a few years, so my memory is hazy - I remember only having a single video on a timeline, when I much prefer seeing all 5 videos on top of eachother, so I can get a much more granular level of control. Streaming: Regarding Streaming in 4K: I agree. This sounds expensive. Lets S
  9. Hi Pixel, totally! So the way I look at this is, the project might be large, but my company pays for unlimited Google Drive storage and has a 500mb/s upload speed. Each project will be large, but once the project is marked as complete, the project is archived pretty much that same day. That being said, 4K is not a hard requirement, it is simply meant as a way to future proof the content. If we had to record + stream at 1080, that is sufficient for the next several years. We could start at 1080 and work our way up over time, if we're going to have network issues that we need to brin
  10. Hi there. I'm looking to build a small studio for work. Budget: ~$10,000. Goal: I sit at a "monitor-table" (for lack of better word) 10 feet from talent, who is standing at a desk. There are 4 DSLRs (left, right, front, top down), all plugged into the wall with no batteries. At the monitor-table, I can view the viewport to all 4 DSLRs. This is to make sure all cameras are working properly. At the monitor table, I can listen to the talent talking into a LAV microphone to ensure good audio quality (up to two microphones). At the monitor ta
  11. Sadly, after waiting nearly an entire month for them to ship the arm. I'll have to find another company capable of shipping a product that they sell. Any other company recommendations anyone along these lines?
  12. Interesting! Thank you for these recommendations. Once I find a way to purchase the three LG monitor's I'll likely try the K4W310 wall mounted system. Having the monitors all along the same axis is essentially what I expect and don't foresee having to move the monitor's independently. Once I have everything setup I'll be sure to followup!
  13. Howdy. Here's the goal: Have three 27'' monitors, mounted into ether the wall, or the desk so I'm not using the standard monitor legs. I've got a 24'' deep desk. I'm nearsighted and the monitor can be no further than 18'' inches from my eyes. The center monitor must be 16'' from the wall. The 2 flanking monitors must be further than 16'' due to them being on an angle. I don't know the proper recommended angle from the center monitor to know what distance they should be from the wall. I like having the monitor 5-6 inches off the desk. Monitors I'd like to
  14. Fair. I should have said Newegg or Amazon, for example. The specific retailer was never specified to me. I think the owner just wanted one receipt, from one point in time, to reference should they need to look up their kids order for warranty information, etc. even if it added cost to the build even at the penalty of lower performance within a restricted budget.