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  1. Okay Thanks a lot for the reply. are there other flash player than adobe? Or are website stopping useing flash? Or is it build in all the web browsers today?
  2. Hello I think there is a build-in flash-player in Windows control panel, maybe for the cam or something. Anybody knows if that is getting updated by Microsoft?
  3. okay thanks. I was trying a online test and it was 15ms. So yes you are right
  4. Hello I have 32GB 3200MHz Memory. Why is it "only" that 26 that is accessible? (Or is the Word available) What is the y ohther 6GB memory uses to?
  5. okay. so a between 20-40ms is normal with a laptop just to suff on net and watching netflix playing flashgames at the web.? Is it with benchmark I can test what my .ms is or is it another program? will be fun just try and see And thank you very much for a very good explanation
  6. is that normal for a laptop? Or is it only gaming laptops who has about 8ms. responstime My Dell Studio 1745 has 8ms Is responsrate and respons time insn't the same?
  7. My mom and dad shall have a monitor so they can read the text then the use office, and they have a 17" how. But thanks I will look at the tablet too. Do you the the responserate for Lenovo IdeaPad L340 (17", Intel)?
  8. anyone who knows the responserate at the Lenovo IdeaPad L340 (17", Intel)?
  9. okay but I have to buy a laptop / notebook When you say all in one PC is that when you google it. Do you mean 2-in-1 pc?
  10. @Streetguru okay but I have to buy a laptop / notebook
  11. Is 25 responsrare normal for a laptop or is it bad? Acer Aspire 7 A717-71G-72A6 - 17.3" Any suggestions for a laptop to buy (or which spec to look at). just to use at surfing at the web, looking at netflix, mail, and office? monitor size have to be 17.3"