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  1. Hi all, I currently have a Plex Server running on my living room PC. This PC is used as a NAS as well as a gaming machine and Plex Server. The PC has a Ryzen 5 3600x, 16gb of DDR4 3200mhz and an RTX 2060 super GPU. The issue is that it is in a tiny ITX enclosure so I am limited in terms of what storage I can fit inside. I am looking for a cost effective sollution to add storage to my network and am looking for suggestions. I am looking for at least a 4 bay external hard drive or NAS setup. Should I be looking for an external hard drive setup a
  2. Looking great so far. On the subject of cooling, I am sure that the stock cooler will do an alright job for the use case that you mentioned and that 140mm at the front provide HEAPS of airflow in that little case. So far with my SG13 I have been super happy with my temps. If you find that CPU temps are high I would recommend against a low profile cooler. They will cool the unit but at the cost of noise and they will struggle to keep up with a 2600 regardless of what they claim on their website (even Noctua). Maybe instead you could look for a super cheap AIO on local forums of Eba
  3. Make sure to share it when you are done! What specs are you planning?
  4. Yeah you are correct. One of the reasons that I went with Noctua as opposed to other brands is that the fans come with a PWM extension in the box as well as a y splitter. So all I had to do was run one extension out the back of the case to connect the two rear fans to one internal PWM header. Worth noting as well is that this motherboard only has two fan headers. So if you had a more expensive AIO that used a pump header as well as a header for the fan you might run into issues if you also wanted to power rear fans as in my case. I have the CPU fan on the fan header,
  5. I see what you are saying but I think opening up the PSU just to remove cables which aren't in the way of airflow seems a little pointless. If I wanted less cables in the case I would have just gone modular. One of the reasons I went with this case is that it has room at the top where cables can sit and not get in the way. If I remove cables from the PSU and then want to use it in a later build which requires more SATA drives or other devices, I would have to try to reverse what you are describing which seems un-necessary.
  6. How do you mean "cut them down"? The PSU isn't modular so you are left with extra cables to hide somewhere. I put the up the top like that and pushed forward so that when the shell is on it is out of the path of airflow. Yes I plan to get a grommet for the cabinet at some stage. The hole I cut is to size so I can just slip on in there but I have not had time to back to the hardware shop
  7. Totally forgot to add the case. Its a Silver Stone SG13.
  8. Hi all, I wanted to post up my latest build. Its a living room PC which is primarily designed for gaming at 1080p 120+ FPS on my LG OLED. Mostly for racing but also the odd game like CIV or other controller based games. It took me a while to source the parts I wanted and think about how I was going to cool the cabinet where the PC would sit. Cooling was going to be an issue as the case would be put in a space with no airflow. So I made some holes in the rear of the cabinet for the two Noctua fans and also cut a hole in the rear of the case for a fan cable pass-through.
  9. Hi all, I just built a new system and I am IN LOVE with it. BUT and there is a but... The sound is just OK. I spent a lot of money on this machine and I want better audio. So first off I want better audio for day to day stuff like Youtube, Spotify and my games. I am not looking for anything like virtual surround or anything like that. I just want a good step up in quality from the onboard audio on my MSI Z390m Gaming Edge AC. Initially I was going to purchase the Sound BlasterX AE-5 BUT it would block one and a half of the fans on my 2080 STRIX which I th