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  1. So I was being the apple fanboy that I am using my air pods with my 2018 rMBP and XS Max, I ended up finding out that Apple Music(yep one more) sounds better on the rMBP than the XS. I thought apple was just stupid and somehow messed something up with bluetooth on the AirPods so I tried again in my car and I had the same findings. Anyone else experiencing this or is my iPhone broke?
  2. Right now I don’t need it, but if I find myself doing work that requires it I wouldn’t mind being over equipped until then.
  3. Someone out there probably knows wealths more than I do, but I've been currently eyeing the Dell P2715Q and the LG 27UD88-W. Little background information: I edit photos so 99% sRGB rating is pretty important. I also edit video, but thats more for fun so a nice DCI-P3 rating is welcomed, but far from necessary. It's not 100% necessary, but I'd prefer it to use USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 for connectivity, which is why I'm not 100% set on the p2715Q. Don't necessarily have a budget, but who doesn't like to save money right? $1500 would probably be an upper limit before things
  4. So I just went on a whim and bought a new modem. Amazon prime just barely delivered it and I set it up. Immediately after rebooting my router(not the modem) I already began to gain speed. I previously was getting 80 if I was lucky but generally around 40, it ended up coming up to 170. After installing the new modem, It's up to 270. Woo!!! I still think my router is a little iffy because the speed is fine where I am(directly by the router) for wifi, but across my house some places are worse than others.
  5. Using my router with ethernet is generally 1-2 mbps slower but I think thats just margin of error. I do guess I have to check if the bandwidth is being limited on any of my devices.
  6. Docsis 3.0 and yes its cable
  7. I currently pay for 300/30, but I don't get anywhere near that. The Cox technician claims its my Router(EA4500) that is preventing me from getting my speeds. I currently have 7 devices connected to wifi all the time(4 computers, 3 phones) and I was wondering what I should get. He suggested to buy a 2 in 1 modem/router, but I was wondering what you guys thought. Definitely going to buy a new modem mainly for the purpose to stop paying the rental fee.
  8. Thanks for the tip! I honestly couldn't think of any music so I just picked the most recent song a friend showed me on Soundcloud and called it a day.
  9. I made a youtube video, but I realize that the amount of constructive criticism would be quite minimal, but I would take some rather than none. To make sure this thread doesn't die in an instant, what do you guys use to video edit or any suggestions for a person new to creating videos? I just made it in iMovie since it was just stitching clips together.
  10. I replaced my motherboard because it was dead, but now every time I watch videos or play games it'll BSOD after a while. The error message says 0x00000101 and Google wasn't giving me any help. Any suggestions?
  11. This is a spot on answer to your question. Yeah since you've tried them out and you want that tactile bump, but you know noise isn't the greatest for everyone, it's time to find whats your favorite color LED and hope its in stock in browns!
  12. Do you actually like blues? All switches are fine for gaming, for some MMORPGs I can't find myself using a MX Blue board, but plenty of people make it work so I'm probably the minority. Pick your favorite switch, and that'll be the "best" switch for typing/gaming for you specifically.
  13. Skimmed first page, I think I have cancer from that. Everything you read about mechanical keyboards is complete bullshit, and you shouldn't even care about what they say. What matters the most is you and some statistical facts. I can go on about how Topre is the godswitch(because it is, get real), but Topre is out of some people's means of purchasing and worse is people who have the means think it isn't. P.S. this is awfully off. No one likes buckling springs unless you're stuck in 1970, Topre is godswitch but too expensive, Cherry MX and ALPS can't be grouped together they're compl
  14. Nothing, because Topre > Cherry MX. Do they make a Cherry MX Black board yet? That might be worth my time if it's not Corsair.