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  1. I got it second hand for free, needed something. But yeah I'll take a look at ergonomic chairs. Blijf veilig! En weg van mij, zit thuis met covid dus heb een nieuwe stoel nodig.
  2. My current ikea chair is falling apart, the fake leather is rubbing off like crazy, arm rests can't be moved, back support ends about have way up my spine and it's leaking air. So I need something new, anyone get any tips or personal experience? I noticed there are a lot, and I mean a lot of brands who sell the same shitty china chair and almost no store is displaying them. Budget is 350 euro's max. (350usd)
  3. Around 60fps, not a lot less/
  4. So I've been having a WW2 crave these lasts couple of weeks and re-downloaded BF5. One thing that I noticed is how bad the FPS is, not only compared to other games but compared to the launch of BFV. Any tips to improve it? I have all the settings on LOW, DX12 turned on or off doesn't change anything for me, GPU memory restriction off. Basically as low as I can make the game. I am playing at 3440x1440 and the game barely hits 80fps In BF1 I get 130+fps with a mix of high and medium BF4 180+fps almost maxed out Specs: Ryzen 7 2700x @ 4.2ghz RTX
  5. The ryzen CPU's love to warm up, no need to worry. It starts throttling at 90 degrees. You are faaaaaaar below that.
  6. With the hardware these days, why would anyone even need a streaming PC? When I try streaming with my system I only lose around 4 to 7 fps.
  7. I doubt you could get a RTX 3000 series with an RTX 2060 at all. And trade ups don't exist, some brands offer them within 90 days if a new product releases but that's about it. Better start saving money if you want a 30 series or wait for the 40 series.
  8. Can we all just agree that Speed Wagon is SSS tier waifu material? He is always there for you, Respects the ladies, helps your family through almost everything, is an outstanding citizen and is 200lbs of pure muscle and honour.
  9. Yeah thats epic, can't wait, my switch needs more mario games.
  10. If you tried googling this then you would find out Intel recommends DDR4-2933 but 3200 or 3600 should be viable as well. And with Ryzen 4000 series around the corner I wouldnt compare a new intel CPU with an old Ryzen CPU.
  11. No it's not that common, BFV and Metro are really badly optimized. BFV in particular, when the game just launched I had 130fps+ almost everything maxed. Right now I need to lower it to medium/ high to get even close to 100fps lol
  12. No probs, I had the same issues, my RTX 2070 hates DX 12, goodluck and enjoy your system.
  13. Hmmm what a weird problem, did you try removing all the old drivers? Try: DDU - https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html Are you using Direct X 12, vulcan or Direct X 11? Try changing between them. It's not a bottleneck, it's balanced pretty well. Weird question but you sure its a RTX 2070 super? (Just trying to paint a clear picture of the problem)
  14. Some pretty weird things are happening, I wonder if this is just a mistake from Asus or something more deliberate, I see no real difference in the shells. Hope Asus can clarify this weird situation. information from reddit: https://old.reddit.com/r/AyyMD/comments/hunbip/how_to_beat_ryzen_pay_asus_to_seal_vents_so_that/ u/LEKSSES
  15. Here is a link: I'm not sure what does this, in this example I am watching twitch on the left and scrolling through reddit on the right and these weird lines appear. It's only when scrolling through a website, it never happens when I'm gaming or watching a video.
  16. Ah the shitpost has been removed.

  17. You gotta mark that NSFW my man, holy crap. That's straight up Tech Pr0n
  18. Wow thats a lot of rads, any specs? Also what are you going to use it for?
  19. Poop sock? jkjk These seems like such a weird but understandable problem. The poops wont actually fall down (as fast) as on earth. My best guess: Something that sucks the excrement/pee. Something like a vacuum cleaner but with a bowl shaped end.
  20. I'd say 1440 144hz is best. Yes 144 is better then anything below it and you will see and feel the difference. (I can't believe it's still a discussion in 2020). If you can afford 1440p 144hz go for it.
  21. Check E-bay, the old place that I worked at was always refurbishing old laptops or taking them apart for parts. Pretty big chance they are selling the keyboard you need. Just search with the part number.