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    Sephiroth720 got a reaction from Moonzy in Is my GTX 690 DEAD? Please help!   
    I've just DDU'd it just incase it was the drivers so I'll reinstall & check out what config it's running in. Thanks for that.
  2. Informative
    Sephiroth720 got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in Half Life 2 (hl2.exe) Freezing. Please Help!   
    Wow! So I just thought I would google the issue again and it turns out that it's the MSi Afterburner overlay software... As soon as i closed it Half Life 2 fired right up!. That's insane!
  3. Agree
    Sephiroth720 reacted to WereCatf in Crazy Motherboard won't load OS   
    I just checked and yes, it does have turbo. Obviously, you're losing performance with turbo disabled, so it'd be a good idea to fiddle some more with BIOS-settings at some point, maybe e.g. increasing vcore a little.
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    Sephiroth720 reacted to Bloodhawk758 in Unigine Valley Benchmark Scores Thread + SUPERPOSITION ***Over 1000 Submissions!***   

    AMD 1090T @ 3.5Ghz

    GTX 590 @ 612Mhz / 1710Mhz (stock)

    45.6 FPS

    1908 Score