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  1. Funny
    The Friendly Elite got a reaction from Bombastinator in LTT forum "banning" game   
    Banned for not censoring f*cking
  2. Funny
    The Friendly Elite got a reaction from wasab in The beach girl in GTA V...   
    Call the authorities
  3. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to JZStudios in Is the US Goverment funding Activison-Blizzard?   
    Give the government literally all the money in the world and they'll find a way to piss it all down the drain and complain they don't have enough.
  4. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to RonnieOP in My opinion on the 'starter PC' in the guide   
    I actually misread your part list and thought it was a 1200 not a 2200g. Thats my bad 
    But for a starter build thats meant to be upgraded down the road the 550 is still a horrible value at $85. 
    Much better to just use the apu until you can save up for a decent video card. The 550 isnt even going to get you anything when you go to resell it. Since you can find 580/480 for $100 used in the US i dont see a 550 bringing in more then $40 if anyones interested in it at all.
    The 550 is basically just a waste of money.
  5. Funny
    The Friendly Elite reacted to JZStudios in The beach girl in GTA V...   
    So your mom hits you with a pan because an image of a girl in a bikini flashed across the screen? What's she going to do with Lamar and the "Man, fuck you nigga!" or the meth lab, or the strip joints with loose tiddies flopping around?
    I suggest you hit her back, harder. You make sure she knows who's really the boss.
    That's awesome. I think I like your dad.
  6. Like
    The Friendly Elite got a reaction from flashiling in LTT forum "banning" game   
    Banned for making me laugh with your avatar
  7. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to Slottr in Windows 10 for free?   
    Answers have been given and I don't wanna watch this for pirate talk lol
  8. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to wkdpaul in Win 10 questions, still scary.   
    We can't.
    Use the following form if you want to close your account ;
    *Thread locked*
  9. Funny
    The Friendly Elite reacted to VIKINGS in Win 10 questions, still scary.   
    Well, I see trying to give this forum another chance after the last couple years was a great idea!!!(that was sarcasm btw)
    Thanks for not trying to answer even one of my questions folks and instead just trolling/lecturing me.
    I'm out. Bye.
    P.S. You can close the account moderators, thank you.
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    The Friendly Elite reacted to Bombastinator in Where to buy jacket   
    This whole question worries me.
  11. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to TomvanWijnen in This is done out of love, but I think there it a bit of a problem with the WAN show...   
    I'm not saying I agree or disagree with his opinion, but just because there are bigger problems doesn't mean we can't address the small ones.
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    The Friendly Elite got a reaction from soldier_ph in What game have you spent the most time in?   
    Pool's closed...
  13. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to WindirBear in My parents won't get me a PC   
    Everyone here is wrong. OP, just stop being poor. Simple.
    Seriously kid, do odd jobs. We all had to work to get our PCs because our parents couldn't justify an expensive gaming PC.
  14. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to DrQuickDroqqed in My parents won't get me a PC   
    I think robbing the bank is also an option
  15. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to DrQuickDroqqed in My parents won't get me a PC   
    No just turn your pc into a machine gun and shoot everything you see until someone buys you a pc
  16. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to Ergroilnin in Inevitable nationwide ban on vaping   
    So where exactly do you draw the line then? Because we should then probably ban fast food, sodas and all other unhealthy food with the rise of child and overall obesity. And this can keep going until you do not have freedom and the country turns in totalitarian one.
  17. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to Real_PhillBert in Inevitable nationwide ban on vaping   
    I'm a personal responsibility guy, if you make the choice to put harmful things in your body, YOU should have to deal with the consequences. It's really that simple. 
    Freedom is dangerous, so don't be stupid.
  18. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to Ergroilnin in Inevitable nationwide ban on vaping   
    So ban cigarettes and alcohol too. Do not cherry pick just the stuff you personally are against if you truly mean what you just wrote.
  19. Funny
    The Friendly Elite reacted to FezBoy in What game have you spent the most time in?   
    I remember having had 500 hours in fortnite.
    After that come BOTW and Splatoon at ~200 and ~300 respectively.
    Also I just got my first solo win in fortnite.
    after 500 hours.
  20. Funny
    The Friendly Elite reacted to Den-Fi in does anyone here make money online?   
    I sell anime pfps.
    I've made $476,003.69 this month alone!
  21. Agree
  22. Funny
    The Friendly Elite reacted to Neft in Cop Cam - crappy walmart camera(long post)   
    hey so i went and got a cheap camera from walmart today believe it was about 20$ where as it used to be 40-60$, it does everything as advertised and even though people say it doesnt work properly the timestamp on it does in fact keep ticking even when its not recording, however small delays in the time happens as the SD card is removed for any length of time so occasionally you may have to micromanage the minutes that are on it before putting it back in, honestly not that big of a deal, one downside i did notice is the device itself heats up rather badly when plugged in to charge with the official charger, be wary of this as its a potential fire hazard personally i try not to use anything that requires charging or is a charger itself if it heats up like that just from charging/being charged but keep in mind it is cheap, but for that cheap price its actually pretty nice, the camera is wider than i thought it would be, while its not in 1080P or anything its still in 720PHD so it has a fairly clear picture, honestly if it wasn't for its very short night vision detection which wont show an actual person until their basically next to it i would recomend this as a cheap must buy, basically it would work fairly well as a cheap dash cam or even a very cheap rear cam as long as you had a decent size SD card in it like 32GB since thats the biggest it claims to support with 32GB assuming the battery life holds up i would give it approximately 7-10 days of recording time before it starts to write over itself.
    with all that said if your would be thief will walk next to it with lights off or if theres a small light source somewhere to help it out within X distance its wonderful for use at night, however if they turn on your light which say, a room mate thats prowling through your shit will when your at work its still a fairly decent buy for what you get.
    however the cons outweigh the pros, the clip slips off things easily including the wall mount, yea it clips to the wall mount.... the adhesive for the wall mount WILL rip paint off your walls so be careful where you place it if you dont use screws or dont want to use them, the adhesive id say is fairly good quality in terms of sticking and bonding, i had to slide my knife between it and the wall to move it to a better spot, the mount swivels completely even the part that attaches to the camera rotates as well however it falls apart very easily once you start sliding it around, if you remember those old bionicle toys with the ball joints yea... its that all over again, night vision works but is very limited without an external light source even though they claim it has an internal one also it doesnt have a flippable camera or gravity sensor like your phone or the gopro etc... so which direction the cameras rotated to matters quite a bit, its really a difference of you being upside down or sideways or something else.
    theres more i can list but yea, all in all its only really good as a dash/rear cam for a car or monitoring your bedroom when your not at home, however there are potentially a few hacks you can do to make it better or hide it without the stand/clip, the adhesive strip has a small piece that pops out in the middle so it doesnt interfere with a screw fixture in case you decide to use them, so if you have a small place to put it thats out of sight but it can see you, you could place the strip around the front with the camera looking through the hole and have the strip holding it like that, or you can take the small circle you popped out and stick the camera LITERALLY anywhere without potentially obstructing or harming its view, so as far as potential goes for hiding it if you actually think, id give it a solid 4/10 partly because i doubt the company that makes it thought of hiding it with only using the adhesive, then as for hacks youll need to pop the case open and replace or re-organize the components as you see fit, you could also replace a few cheap internals and 3D print a new case or simply buy materials for a DIY kit like linus did
    yes i did heavily research my local, state and federal laws/statutes that way i am in no way violating a law or creating a loophole for said individual to squeeze through.
    Anyways, i came home from work one night and i noticed one of my safe keys was missing so i shot someone a text and also confronted the possible offender, two days later i now have a second lockbox this one uses a programmable combination with no default unlock code once programmed, i have both of them hidden in two different places, the literal day after that happens i leave for work i come back home, im missing 2-5$ in quarters off my dresser (laundry change) and what i was saving for a friend had been gotten into, would be offender admitted to both of these, since then i have been locking my bedroom door every night, however i came in this morning and because im OCD and exceedingly anal about every little thing in my room, everything is placed where its placed on purpose i have some things lined up with others that dont seem it specifically for the purpose of knowing if someones touched ANYTHING.
    things that were moved, lens cleaner, usb microsd card reader, the penny from behind my tv, my knifes were pushed exactly 0.7 inches farther up and were starting to go under my TV, my change pile had been messed with yet again, this time it had a quarter added to it and 12 pennies were gone, my case with my switch games and a few accessories was tossed on the floor, my glass ocarina still in box was close to falling off and i had positioned it perfectly diagonally to make a nice show piece while not blocking what was next to it, the picture i had of my family was also moved from ontop of that to behind it, the painting i have on a glass tab was moved closer to the edge and unevenly so one good bump would of made it fall and break, the inhalers that were lined up with my bedroom tv were moved about 0.5 inches, and my bluetooth dongle for my switch was farther away from the surface meaning the switch dock itself had been moved as well.
  23. Funny
    The Friendly Elite reacted to LynxDominant in Black screen on boot.   
    Whenever I start up my computer, it just stays on a black screen and I cant do anything but move my mouse on the screen.  I was having problem with RAM so i changed it out and that hasnt seem to work at all. I'd appreciate any help I can get
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    The Friendly Elite got a reaction from soldier_ph in What game have you spent the most time in?   
    I actually have over 1000 hours on the original postal
  25. Agree
    The Friendly Elite reacted to Drak3 in A Cuphead Knockoff!   
    A trailer is not nearly indicative of the entire product. Something most people are aware of. Until the game is actually out, we can't say anything with any real certainty.
    Not really. Cuphead is a generic side scroller SHMUP with a generic (albeit old) art style.