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  1. and i want to know do i need to put the heatsync to just update the bios
  2. i bought it on august but i didnt use it yet i purchase that for ryzen 7 2700x but i didnt buy the ryzen 7 i want to buy ryzen 5 3600x
  3. i bought a asus rog b450 e gaming . so i want to know do i need to bios update in this board to use my ryzen 5 3600 2nd zen
  4. i bought a new motherboard and ryzen 3rd gen cpu i have to update my bios .so i want to know do i need a old cpu to update the bios or can i use the 3rd gen processor to update my bios i have the files in my flash drive
  5. is it like ok to buy Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition 2014 because im not rich
  6. no i dont get high ping in other games some times for minute i get 88ping
  7. hello i get over 100 ping in fortnite and i use ethernet cable but still i get over 100 ping please help me to get low ping
  8. is Logitech g402 is ok for fps gaming .i play fortnite
  9. can i connect 3fan in one 4pin connector using splitter will my mobo can supply power
  10. can u suggest me a 3x fan connector to molex connector in amazon