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  1. So fresh installing did indeed work and I can boot to it. I used clonezilla to clone it, trying to avoid having to reinstall everything, is there another clone tool you could recommend?
  2. Bios can see the drive and so can grub, the window boot manager just cant boot it and blue screens. I will try clean installing the os and see if it fixes it
  3. So I bought a Samsung 980 M.2 NVMe ssd today, installed it, cloned my old ssd to it and have since then been unable to boot to the drive. Tried both CMS/Legacy and UEFI boot modes and to no avail it keeps BSODing on me telling me the boot device is not accessible. Can boot to my old ssd fine and to the linux ssd im using to make this post. Secure boot is also disabled. Edit: My board is a MSI Z390-A Pro
  4. Thank you all so much, reinstalling windows fixed it, this thing is so fast now its insane
  5. Today I rebuilt my current computer with the following parts: i5-9600k (3.7Ghz 6 core) 16GB DDR4 2133mhz MSI Z390-A Pro Motherboard Old: AMD Phenom II 1055T 6x 2.8ghz 8GB DDR3 1066mhz (This maybe be slightly wrong as I cant fully remeber) ASUS m4a89gtd-pro/usb3 Motherboard I ran the included driver install utility that came with the board, restarted, no change to system performance Chrome, Windows Search and moving of window are very slow and weren't before Tried reinstalling gpu driver aswell to check that, nothing. I
  6. Overclocking had no to minimal effect on the game If your interested in scores (using cpu-z's built-in benchmark): OC'd to 3.2ghz stable (bus 230 mhz) Base 2.8ghz (bus 200 mhz) Thx to everyone who provided help it's very much appreciated.
  7. Ok thx. As for adding games to this list, minecraft hardly breaks 30fps with only 25% gpu utilizationa and 60% cpu
  8. May I will try this then and see if I gain anything from it
  9. Ok, Ive tested Destiny 2 and it runs at 60 fps on High settings (Dips in someareas due to cpu bottlenecking). If the game itself has issues wouldnt my friend (i7, 1060 6gb) experience a similar issue?
  10. I'm not using task manager, i'm using Open Hardware Monitor (I can see each core, max, min, current). All cores range between 40% - 60% utilization I don't have Geforce experience, just the nvidia control panel. I've tried turning the graphics settings to as low as the game will allow me (annoyingly you cant change individual settings, just a slider with low medium high)
  11. System power options are set to performance Running Valley Bench Mark: Avg: 30 Min: 8 Max: 61 Everything maxed With factorio 40% gpu usage at 25-30fps, cpu only reaching 75% total, 80% max per core Rainbow six, Destiny 2, and Minion Masters I have also tried but they are cpu bottlenecked (90 -100% usage cpu with 60 - 80% gpu usage)
  12. What counts as close to maxed? Max per core was 76% Max total was 70% (This is as of me testing again now)