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  1. Hi there guys and gals, I am looking at buying new memory to go with my recent 3600x BUT, i run mine on a Prime x370 pro as ive previously stated, i would like some 3600mhz ram to go with an 1800 Fclk. will this be possible along with the older board? i know i could just buy some and try it, but i dont want to have to spend time messing about with settings trying to get it to work, just to have to return it. Has anyone tried something similar and had any good results? Regards Lee
  2. if i got better ram the 2666 stuff will go in my daughters machine when i upgrade that, shes still on a 2500K lol, its just finding something that will work on this x370 with this 3600X, when i spoke to corsair they told me the cpu is more important than the board as the memory controller is on the chip, so it would be some trial and error i guess to find something that works.
  3. i got the same ram working fine on my brothers system, which is was intended for in the first place, i just thought id see what it did on mine. that was a 3600x on a tuf x570
  4. I have the Asus Prime X370 PRO. If i was to buy more M.2 i would go with pci-e gen 4 even if i was putting them in a gen 3 board for now,
  5. thats what i was thinking, im just unsure which ram to go with right now, as 3200mhz ram wouldnt work on this board with my 1600x before, and id like 3600mhz if i can find some that will work, i know the 3600's IMC is better so it could work..
  6. I do not have any PCI-e 4.0 drives right now, so i guess its not something im bothered about.
  7. I recently got a FREE 3600X, it dropped into my X370 board with no issues at all, I have a RX5700XT and a M.2 970 Evo. Would there be any real benefits to going with a X570 board right now? I know i wont have any upgrade paths with regards to CPU etc, but am i leaving any noticable performance on the table? R15 score is 1620 give or take a few each run, not overclocked at all. My ram is slower than id like but as i bought it when Ryzen 1000 first launched i have 2666 and my FCLK is 1300 right now.
  8. you never asked about your RX5700XT, its probably already worthless anyway
  9. are we supposed to see the future?
  10. No, just wait and buy a new card with full warranty, the 5700XT will be fine til then
  11. X570 is the top tier and B550 is mid tier, the X570 will be better in just about every way
  12. the h110 is the bottom of the rung basic board for 6th gen, not a good match for any K Cpu's H110 . B150 H170 Z170 litterally anything else is a better choice, im not entirely suprised the H110 died
  13. i wouldnt bother with a H110 go find a cheap used Z170, why would you have a K series chip in a H series board anyways?
  14. throwing it in the bin seems like the best alternative. being an old os drive makes no difference if you dont boot to it, it sounds like its failed/failing to me