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  1. my roomate figured it out, thank you all so much for the help.... Super fast responses you guys where amazing. Some how he has magic hands.
  2. I thought that was the case and repeatedly re-seated the ram, my boyfriend did as well just for good messures, i'm going to call ibuy when they open and probably call techs around the town and see if anyone will give me a free diagnoises
  3. 1. I'll try locating that noise when I go back over there, I haven't slept so i'm super exhausted 2. as my op states, I have tried this, even went a step further and tried two monitors, and a ps4 hooked up to all slots of the HDMi's on both monitors with no problem (both hdmi cables and all monitor hdmi slots) 3. oi, I don't know if he'll let me go this far but I can see.. 4. I have not fully reseated the cpu but I doubt it would have moved, when I checked the wiggleness it barely moved, not sure if he'll let me yank it off 5. Tried this 6. Tried this as well. 7. done and even shor
  4. sadly not easily replaced by most of us.. I'm struggilng to fix my own pc issues from old/dying parts I need to move to DDr4 and get a ryzen or intel equilivent cpu... i think the pc they have is like 1,5k to 2k give or take just from the specs, i'd be losing my cool too if something happen to my pc, since its sadly what I do everyday x.x being disabled sucks your home all the time.
  5. This is precisely what I thought happen, I honestly think something on the motherboard poped or blewed, when I sat the pc down I did notice a sound of clinging that wasn't there when I picked it up/sat it down outside.. i'm going to call ibuypowerpc the moment they open and plead with them to talk to me I don't know how his mom is going to react, i'm trying to fix it before that step...
  6. I do not have the ability to do this other then the GPU none of our systems here at the house are DDR4 systems... sadly.
  7. Sadly you may want to re-read my post again.. I get I didn't clear type it (Due to be freaking) But I legitmently did all this (not joking) I got there around 6PM yesterday night and didn't leave until 4:30AM the next day... I only got home like a hour or so ago... I tried all that and no display, I even shorten the pin like the manual said, No idea if it worked cause I have zero sound or notices from the pc.. for whatever reason they didn't put a beeper thingy in the pc...I'm going to call Ibuypower pc and hope they will just at least talk to me about this and see what we can do, I'm le
  8. Yes I removed the graphic card (As stated in my OP post, sorry about the rambling in it) and tried rerunning on onboard, the issue legitmently only started after I took it outside dedusted and reseated the gpu/and 2 ram sticks, thats all I did Sadly I'm not talking about "Loaning" As far as They would be concerned I'd be held accountable for this... I don't have the funds to pay for a fix or a new pc I'm disabled and just happen to be good with computers.. I told my friend "Worst case you can just have my pc and everything with it..." because the last thing I want is a lawyer after me or s
  9. As my post states, I am not seeing Bios, I am seeing a "No signal detected" believe me if I could get into bios I would have done that already. Too add to this the above post has a list of everything I've already tried, the PC Was "Working fine" before I unhooked it to dedust it and double check the seating just for incase something wiggled lose when I moved it outside to use my datavac deduster... I rotated hdmi cables ( tried 2 different ones) they both work on the ps4 with the same monitor and give display, gave all hdmi ports on the computer a try including the VGA, insured monito
  10. Ok first and foremost I have been working with computers for about 10 years.. While I don't tend to work with hardware all that much I know how to insert ram, reset cmos,short the pins etc... Any-case, So yesterday night I biked over to a friends house to help him with a fps issue with GTA5, he was getting 4 fps, So I did all the basic trouble shooting and noticed the onboard graphic was being used and not the 1060 3gigs that was in the system, (pc was displaying and working flawlessly) I unhooked everything took it outside dedusted it and brought it in and just for extra safety reseated the t