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  1. I recently change out most of my computer for newly purchased parts. Everything but the GPU (a gtx 1080 8gb) and 1 240gb m.2 is brand new. I set everything up myself and after a few hic-ups I got it running. Windows 10 installed, and drivers updated. However, for some reason only the boot drive shows up for storage. I have a brand new 1Tb m.2 plugged directly into the mother board, and a 3Tb seagate sitting in the back. Oddly enough if I open up device manager, the drives appear. Any attempt to assign them a number reveals they are not set as volumes. Which I also can't seem to fix. Even
  2. I just confirmed (using a friends spare parts) that my CPU is starting to fail and so is my ram. So I guess I'll be doing that upgrade a little earlier than expected. Special thanks to those who left helpful comments!
  3. thats actually a pretty dang good line up for the price. I was looking at the 8 core ryzen and that motherboard was on my list already.
  4. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and to both K.M.P and G33k 4 L1F3. Thank you so much for the assist. I do want to point out though geek that the throttling is a recent problem. I've been able to play skyrim and other games at max settings at 144fps. It's only recently I've seen dips and spikes. Which pointed me to a hardware issue. If I replaced the motherboard and CPU what would yall recommend. Hopefully something that doesnt cost an arm and a leg lol.
  5. For the sake of consistency, I am noticing some unusual spikes in my CPU cores, but nothing above 80-90%. Luckily the first replacement item I was planning for was a new 8500 series, with a new motherboard and ram. Even so, I'm not as familiar with CPU component workings. I unfortunately am very stubborn when it comes to this kind of stuff and want to find concrete evidence of its failure before I chuck it in the bin. Especially when the motherboard and cpu still sell well lol.
  6. So I do use afterburner but I forgot system monitoring was a thing it comes with. I took a look at it running the same game I've been having the most issues with. The CPU looks fine, hitting a max of about 60% load even with max settings and terrain generation and such. However I fear the worst now, because my GPU is hitting 90+ % doing this. I'm not entirely sure how my GPU could have gotten fried but I suppose its possible. Although it is typical for a gpu to max out under stress. I don't see anything bouncing all that much either.... Do you happen to know of a health check tool for the GPU?
  7. Ok...? so first off why would I want a different graphics card? I mean I have a 1080, thats pretty dang good. If your talking about replacing with a known good, I unfortunately don't have oodles of cash to go buy a graphics card that would get the same level of game play just for testing purposes...
  8. So this is a somewhat complicated tech question. I'm a electronics troubleshooter by trade dealing with both hardware and software, fixing and replacing parts or programs as needed. However, there is one thing I can't figure out. I built a custom gaming tower a few years ago and its been working great. (specs below) but lately I've been having issues with most of my games clocking around 30fps with constant lag spikes and quality drops. I play games like 7 days to die, skyrim, and Rocket League. All with the same issue. I looked at my heat, and even under stressed loads in access of 3 hours, h