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  1. Not really. I've been looking on Amazon too, but I can't find it. It should have an opening for answering phone calls and a transparent part on the front to be able to see the time and date.
  2. Four years ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 and a case for it. The phone has served me too well and still does. It works like new, just a bit slower and the best part is, it doesn't have a scratch. The case does though, it's almost ruined. I'd like to buy the same one again, but I can't seem to find that kind of case anywhere anymore. Can someone please help me identify it or send me a link for a similar one? I've attached some photos.
  3. So, that is an option. Just one problem. I have another 4 laptops available but none of them has windows 10. They all have windows 7. So can I install the xbox app on windows 7?
  4. So, for people who want to record their gameplay for example, they have to buy a capture card (which is very expensive btw)because software solutions are often limited duration and/or have a watermark and they drop your framerate when you use them when gaming (especially on lower-end systems). I have an Xbox One and it has HDMI passthrough so I was wondering if there is some kind of software for the xbox to record my gameplay while connected to the pc and a monitor with HDMI. That would be great because I wouldn't have to buy a seperate capture card for recording my gameplay. Is there maybe so