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  1. Finishing up a mod for my Razer Huntsman Mini. I have been sick and tired of wires on my desk for a very long time, and technology to replace all cables does exist now, so I figured this was the time to make my dreams real. The basic idea is to attach a wireless charge mat to the bottom of my keyboard, and place Qi charging pads underneath my desk mat. I have already cut a piece of foam to hide my Logitech Powerplay mat, so I had a good idea that this would work. In practice, this idea loses its legs fairly quickly, because you not only have to attach a wireless charging receiver, b
  2. Summary Canadian tech recycler Geep (the same on that refused to show Linus their warehouse in Scrapyard Wars) has been caught fixing and reselling iPhones that it claimed to be recycling. Apple wants to take Geep to court over this because they claim this constitutes over $31 million CAD in damages. Geep says they recognize these devices were stolen from their recycling department, but denys that the 3 employees who were "refurbishing" these iPhones were doing so with the companies consent. Apple refutes that, noting that the three people in question we're also executives of