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  1. After doing some cleaning and repairs I can't locate where this silver screw goes. One is a ground screw, the other looks like a bolt. Anyone know?
  2. I searched youtube, nothing for fixes. Videos on how to's and not functioning. Just talked with tech support, they said the keyboard has a problem. I'm going to send it back.
  3. I just got the Hyperx Alloy Origins 60 tkl, trying to set up lighting, macros. The software firmware is updated, the problem is it won't save to the profile I choose. I create either a lighting effect or macro, click save to profile, and it saves for all of the profiles. I know people are having problems with it, is there any work around?
  4. A Verizon tech is going to be here on Monday. After my housemate plugged his laptop into the ont and the speed was very slow. The speeds have been fluctuating even on wifi. The only consistent speed is the router to Verizon, which has been 900's. I plugged in my usb+ethernet 1 gig adapter and it works, same for my housemate.. My housemates cancelled the Verizon call that was supposed to be tomorrow, since we are getting correct speeds now. About the cable, maybe if I moved my pc close to the router for a cable swap, to see if it is the cable. The Verizon tech said the same
  5. Thanks for the tips, I've also been trying to install Intel wired proset. Maybe it'll help changing the speed on my ethernet driver. I can't get it to install, it says to uninstall Network Connections. Not sure where or how.
  6. My housemate got his usb gigabit ethernet adapter. His laptop wired is getting the correct speeds. I tried it on my pc and got 350 download on the first test. I'm sure a little time it should also get to 900 speed. I ordered one too. Not sure where the bottle neck is.
  7. Windows 10 64 bit Home edition. I tried manually and auto update, it says it's the latest driver. My pc specs are in the original post. That's strange that he didn't look on Intel's page. I wonder where he got that info of 100 mbps. So it's either the router or my cat 8 cable is really a 100 mbps cable. Which people on Amazon were complaining about.
  8. I have a Fios Quantum router, my housemate has a laptop he's going to plug into the ont. I was told by an Asus tech that my mother board is only rated for 100 mbps. I asked about the gigabit driver in the download section and they're going to get back to me. Hopefully I can update it, right now I keep getting an incompatible message.
  9. Just a visual inspection. What tool would I need? A analogue meter, then pull the ends off and test the cable? The Fios Quantum router is rated for 800 mbps speed. On the Asus website for my motherboard, there are new LAN and wifi drivers. They won't install, it says they're not compatible with my pc. The LAN driver is a gigabit driver. I'll try contacting Asus and see if they know. The Speed and Deluxe setting in the Properties was on auto. I changed it to 1 gigabit. Now in the Network settings it shows I'm not plugged in. With wifi same problem, can't upgrade the driver, and it only ge
  10. The cable is fine, chatted with Verizon. They couldn't see anything wrong. Maybe the router is the problem? I bought it separate from Verizon.
  11. I checked the Speed & Duplex, it was already on auto. I'm going to check my cable which runs along the ceiling in the basement. Maybe a staple is too tight.
  12. My pc: Windows 10 Home, Asus z390 E gaming motherboard, i7 8700k cpu, CAT 8 ethernet cable, router: Verizon Fios Quantum. I had 75 mbps, just upgraded to 1 gigabit. The speed test shows 900/900 router speed to the Verizon servers. My device is only capable of 100 mbps speed. Is there a way to configure the ethrnet driver/adapter? I tried installing the latest LAN driver on the Asus website, it said my device wasn't compatible.
  13. It's high when I play Battlefield 5, cpu intensive game. Certain parts, the End of Round screen causes my cpu to run 90%, and high temps. I have my 2080 Ti on the loop, it's 60's c usually. The pump/res is running fine in other games. Cpu is around 60-70c. I'm thinking if BF 6 is the same as BF 5, I'd like to have the temps more balanced. I did delid and overclock to 5ghz, 1.32 is the best I could get on the voltage.
  14. I have a small EKWB pump reservoir that keeps my i7 8700k around 76c-89c on some games. I'd like to have it cooler. The radiator is a Corsair 240mm the thickest one. Forgot the mm.
  15. I had a spacebar macro for in game use. It would spam it 5x and was working fine for a while. I tried a new profile, updated the firmware and driver. Other macros work just when I press the macro key for the spacebar it only presses it once. I tried with and without the spacebar release action. Any ideas?
  16. It's not so new, put in the new radiator this summer. I found the problem, I didn't screw the cap on tight enough. This pump seems fragile so I slowly turn it, so not spill anything or turn it too much to maybe crack some part of it. EK pump combo. Thanks for the responses.
  17. How much is normal for a small pump combo? I just topped it off last month and now it's down again about 1/8th. It's connected to my 240mm and 360mm radiators, cpu and gpu blocks. Temperatures are good.
  18. Just cleared the cmos, it worked. Thanks for the replies.
  19. Tried plugging the monitor into the motherboard D link, nothing.
  20. Nothing, the flash finished then it was rebooting. It restarted my pc and the monitor logo came on then it just went to hibernation, the pc still running.
  21. Hi I have a Asus z390 E Gaming motherboard. I did a ME update with an Intel ME update tool, then rebooted. After I flashed my bios from a usb drive (1602 version), and now my pc turns on but just a black screen. No error messages or enter the bios prompt. Any suggestions?
  22. The pump is an EKWB small pump, it runs to the cpu, to the cpu radiator, to the gpu, then to the gpu radiator (360). The gpu is around 50c while gaming. Not sure how you mean to combine the loops. @LIGISTX.
  23. I just replaced a Corsair XR5 240mm x 30mm radiator with a Corsair XR7 240mm x 54mm for better temps. It is now 12c cooler during gameplay 60's, but I do notice 2 cores are always fluctuating 10c higher than the others. I know it's not a great concern, just want to know if I can manage the temps even more. Should I check the thermal paste? My pc: GTX 2080 Ti, stock. Corsair gpu water block. EKWB 360 slim radiator. Delided i7 8700k 5 ghz, 1.32hz core clock, EKWB water block. MB: Asus Rog Strix z390 E Gaming PSU: Corsair 750w HX