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  1. If you can afford 5900X, go for it. Its just as good for gaming if not even better and definitely better at pretty much everything else
  2. Honestly I don't know, I would probably start raising the cpu clock slowly, then stress test it for a short while and if its stable, then increase the clock.
  3. Honestly, I would not try overclocking on that motherboard. It has pretty weak VRM with no cooling at all. I mean you can try raising your clocks on the stock voltage but thats about it.
  4. 3500x is 2x faster than 8320 so I think I'll be ok. Also it's not a permanent solution but one that will do ok for now. Is there any specific ram kits that you would suggest? Cause vengeance ram still comes in a lot of different configurations. And I don't need RGB or just for the looks features.
  5. So lately I have been planning on upgrading my ancient 8320 because it doesn't cope well with streaming(thanks covid). I found out that aliexpress carries 3500x for 114euros and considering its performance is about 70% of 3600(209euros), it's a pretty good deal. I plan on upgrading to 5600 later down the road so I was thinking of getting B550 motherboard to avoid problems. So can you please suggest me a decent budget B550 board and 16gb ram kit? For mobo and ram I have ~230euro budget(260$)
  6. So my PC is used by me and another person. When it's only me logged on, everything is fine, only a few percent cpu usage and the cpu clocks stay low. When the other person logs on and then goes afk, the the Runtime Broker and Microsoft Photos start using like ~25% of the cpu and that doesn't allow to cpu to clock down. So high idle power usage and wasted resources. Also if I close either one of the processes, they both stop but will restart after a few minutes. Even logging out of that user doesn't fix the problem, only bull computer restart. Anyone has a possible solution except
  7. Hes gonna use it mostly for gaming and some photoshop....I dunno, I feel like SSD are so cheap that HDD are not needed anymore. At least 0.5tb HDD makes no sense imo
  8. So I'm trying to build a PC for a friend and he originally wanted Intel 660p 2TB drive. But reading a few reviews, it seems like its not a particularly great idea as the only drive. Yet I'm not exactly sure what he needs to get either. Since the 660p 2tb costs ~300$, thats the budget for storage. I was thinking about maybe getting M.2 nvme drive as the main drive and some bigger sata drive for storage. What do you think/suggest?
  9. Nope, he doesnt need a router. The problem is that he can't run a cable from his desktop to the router and the motherboard doesn't have built in wifi either.
  10. Nope, no 5GHz wifi so this one will do fine, thanks
  11. So my brother needs a wifi adapter for his desktop, since he only has 802.11n router, the requirements are pretty low. Dont care about the bluetooth. What should he get?
  12. Technically - yes, you get the chips from the same manufacturer. But cheaper manufacturers usually get worse batches of chips. But if its decent then I can go with it. Well, any brand name will be overpriced compared to less known brands.
  13. Ok, this looks promising but I have to ask - what is that RAM? I saw that there is corsair LPX 3200mhz 16gb kit for 60$ and in this case Id rather pay a little more for a decent brand. This would be great unless for the fact that I need to also fit a monitor in the 500$ budget
  14. Hey...I'm looking for 500$(550 max) build for work(The person is going to be using Revit). This includes PC, Monitor, Keyboard(Mouse already bought), No Windows. The person that will be using the PC isn't really tech savvy so no need for fancy monitor(I dunno, 23-24in 1080p will do the job...standard stuff) or keyboard. As far I understand, Revit doesn't need a good GPU really so in that deparment for now I need the bare minimum. I was thinking that maybe 3400G currently fits the purpose. Please use US partpicker.
  15. The reason I'm asking here is because mathworks forums seem slow and I don't have a lot of time. Im trying to build an ABS model but im running into some difficulties.
  16. Oh yeah, I'm not going to wire it directly to battery, I was thinking of wiring it trough the ignition(turns on in acc position). Since this isn't a very high current stuff, I though of using fuse tap(to lazy to pull the fuse box and add a terminal in empty spot ) Ok, so it looks like my idea works, thanks
  17. So I was thinking of adding usb charging ports to my car and I don't really want to buy expensive car chargers to chop them up. Cheap ones don't make sense as they usually can't even supply 2.1A. I was thinking of maybe just getting 12-5v DC step down converter and just basically soldering USB ports with wires to it so I can basically have multiple outlets around the car with only 1 source. I was thinking of something likes this - https://www.ebay.com/itm/12V-24V-To-5V-10A-50W-Car-Step-Down-Power-Supply-Buck-Converter-Module-66/283348479243?hash=item41f8e2ad0b:g:zpgAAOSwRGhcRrNe:rk
  18. Umm....Wrong - when I was installing MIUI on my A2, the usb cable moved and lost connection thus bricking the phone. I could not even enter fastboot or recovery. The way to fix this is open up the phone and use the test points to enter EDL or whatever was that download mode called. That way I successfully brought my phone back to life
  19. Well, it seems like EU is trying to take over the control of the internet - at least in EU. This is disastrous to say the least. It seems similar to what China is doing by squeezing the outsiders out and government having control over all info there is on the net. And of course in my local news sites there wasn't even a mention about this - surprise surprise. Basically China v2. https://edri.org/eu-member-states-agree-on-monitoring-filtering-of-internet-uploads/ https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20180525/10072939912/forget-gdpr-eus-new-copyright-proposal-will-be-
  20. Well, the PSU fan is still loud but the HDD introduces some vibrations which are annoying
  21. Ahh, I don't mind that. I have set up that I only need 1 active HDD and others can just power off because I don't need them all the time. So it looks I'm good then.
  22. Currently I have the windows configured to turn off HDDs after 10mins not to save power(lol, AMD system here ) but it just makes the system much quieter. Can that have a negative effect on the HDD and its lifespan?
  23. Also what game are you playing? Some are cpu heavy, some gpu heavy
  24. When GPU and CPU are under stress it does throttle the CPU a little, but it doesnt when only the CPU is under load and I was testing only CPU when I was benchmarking it so thermals wont be a problem...