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  1. Funny
    UncleJarvis reacted to Tudx007 in Blown fuse in the power cord   
    Hi, I have got a blown fuse in my power cord of the laptop, and the fuse is rated 3A BS1362, can I just replace another one with the same dimensions and amperage without worry about the other stuff like  (glass or ceramic, slow blow fuse or fast acting fuse)? 

  2. Funny
    UncleJarvis reacted to minibois in Happiness compared to Fortnite(short survey)   
    I identify as an attack helicopter, not 'transgender', thankyouverymuch.
    But I filled in this survey, you're welcome OP
  3. Funny
    UncleJarvis reacted to CodeNova in Did I piss off a client?   
    Or they got a real good deal on pine car freshener. It adds a bit of color to the room too.
    "It's a good thing"
    --Martha Stewart
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    UncleJarvis reacted to Radium_Angel in Did I piss off a client?   
    Eons ago, I worked for a firm that had real-genuine-honest-to-god IBM workstations (in beige boxes no less) 
    We needed to move it and I could tell it was quite dusty and in need of a good cleaning. Trouble was, it used (at the time) very specialized hex/torx bolts to keep it closed so that only real-genuine-honest-to-god IBM techs could open it. Plus they were painted to show if they were ever opened. They hadn't been touched since the system was built at the factory.
    My co-worked was ex-air force, and he had the tools. So one day he brings in said tools, plus an air compressor.
    We take the IBM out to the parking lot and open up the case.
    Inside it's slammed full of dust. So much so, you couldn't see any of the components (think of fog covering a bridge, by way of example)
    "Stand back" he says, and hits the computer with the air compressor.
    Once the dust was gone and we could see again we found a giant dried pretzel stick inside the case.
    The only way it could have gotten there, was from the factory...
  5. Agree
    UncleJarvis reacted to Lathlaer in Did I piss off a client?   
    You were not rude but you were unhelpful. Maybe that's why he was pissed. 
    Imagine going to a Tourist Information Center and asking about the best things you can see in the city and receiving answer "Sorry sir, I can't say what you will enjoy the most" ?
    Probably some discussion about the topic would've mitigated the reaction.
  6. Agree
    UncleJarvis reacted to Radium_Angel in Did I piss off a client?   
    I would have phrased the answer differently, but some times there's just no pleasing folks.
    Don't lose sleep over it
  7. Agree
    UncleJarvis reacted to camarokris in Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.   
    So hotels and Airbnb are starting to go up in price as people are reserving. I went the Hostel route and picked up 4 nights for about $260 total and that was renting a whole twin room to myself. They have triple and quads too. I got lucky to get a Hostel that's 5-10 min walk to the con center. Check out hostels.com that's where I booked mine. Make sure to check rules before booking some hostels have underage restrictions
  8. Agree
    UncleJarvis reacted to LienusLateTips in Best GPU Manufacture's Brand's   
    Doesn't matter.
  9. Funny
    UncleJarvis reacted to emosun in How in the god damn does the snipping tool break win10?   
    someone needs a nap
  10. Agree
    UncleJarvis reacted to FloRolf in How in the god damn does the snipping tool break win10?   
    Lmao, u mad Bro. 
    I use the snipping tool daily and I've never experienced this. 
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    UncleJarvis got a reaction from TempestCatto in Tinder in 2019?   
    Wow, this makes total sense and relatable to me. As a 54 year old techie, finding women with my interests has been difficult after moving away from the academic world. Don't give up hope guys and girls. Even if you are using that "substitute" Lego, perhaps that Lego would appreciate the company. I may have found my Lego but there is a waiting game involved. Hah, some things never change from teenage years.
  12. Informative
    UncleJarvis reacted to Cyracus in USB to Ethernet Adapter   
    As long as your laptop has a usb 3 port to plug it into you'll see an improvement, if your laptop only has usb 2 ports then a usb 3 adapter will give you identical results to the usb 2 one
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    UncleJarvis reacted to kirashi in Tinder in 2019?   
    No but really, go outside and talk to grills, not because Tinder won't work, but because it's way healthier for body, mind, and spirit.
    TRIGGER WARNING: the below videos can be extremely depressing for some people, as they reveal how unsocial our online world actually is.
  14. Funny
    UncleJarvis reacted to imreloadin in Tinder in 2019?   
    I mean if you want to know what it feels like to "throw your hotdog down a hallway" then by all means use Tinder
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    UncleJarvis reacted to TempestCatto in Tinder in 2019?   
    I only had one Tinder date actually work out to be somewhat decent. Everyone else either left me on read, unmatched with me, ghosted me, or even catfished me. I was also cheated on twice. There's also plenty of bitches (yes, I just used that term in a derogatory manor) that are like "oh I have a bf jus lookin 4 friends" or some don't even fucking state that, then you match with them and right out of the gate they say it. Tinder was supposed to be a bang n' bounce type app, now fuckholes who only want you to window shop ever seem to use it. As a guy, at least in my area of the US, it sucks to even have anymore. I just hid my card and deleted the app. I'm done with that shit. It's rare to meet someone on an app, let alone online (though it does happen). I think you're way more likely to meet someone at work, church, or a place of recreation that you frequent.
    Allow me to teach you about the Lego epidemic (as I so call it). Where you're in search of a specific Lego, you search and search scraping them side to side, digging and even dumping out the bin. No matter what, you just can't seem to find that one piece you really need. You give up and just pick something else up to use. A bit later on, when picking up another random piece, you just so happen to pick up the one Lego you were searching for originally. That is what I like to call the "Lego epidemic". (I'm sucha weird ass). In other words don't look for love, because it hides when you seek it.  
  16. Funny
    UncleJarvis reacted to BuckGup in Tinder in 2019?   
    go out and talk to girls in real life
  17. Funny
    UncleJarvis reacted to Dedayog in To Soundcard or Not to Soundcard   
    All that run on sentence stuff basically said:  No, you don't need a separate soundcard
  18. Agree
    UncleJarvis reacted to nox_ in How to get rid of windows 10 "activate windows" watermark?   
    If you got to ask that IMHO you should just buy a key, they are fairly cheap, if you are a student, ask around at your university, many universities (in my country at least) offers MS Windows licenses for students for free or way cheaper.   
  19. Agree
    UncleJarvis reacted to Cyracus in How to get rid of windows 10 "activate windows" watermark?   
    Having experimented with it... no, not really, get the license, deal with it, or use a different OS
  20. Informative
    UncleJarvis reacted to Zagna in [Weird PC Components] M.2 Adapter   
    It looks like the DDR pins connect nowhere and all it does is provide a mechanical place to mount a M.2 SATA drive and connect it with the SATA power/data.
  21. Funny
    UncleJarvis reacted to Lee L. in Dangers of 5G a real risk?   
    I keep hearing about the dangers of 5G and legitimate cancer risks. I was wondering if you could please look into it and give us your opinion. I've seen your past video regarding the networks prior to 5G rollout but I've seen this new network runs at a much higher frequency and doesn't travel far introducing mini cell towers on 1 in 8 houses. I'm honestly concerned being a father and living in a major city. Linus HELP!!!
  22. Funny
    UncleJarvis reacted to Arika S in Troubleshooting questions for an interview   
    install adobe reader on their PC
  23. Funny
    UncleJarvis reacted to Franck in What happened the first time you tried overclocking?   
    First overclock was on my 386DX4 all went well for years. Until no more boot one day. Opened the case (back then both side and top was one piece. Found the CPU laying at the bottom of the case and a black powdery texture inside the case wall right in front where the cpu was. Back then i thought the cpu jumped out and hit the case wall but nowadays i am pretty certain my 4 year old brother at the time must had to do with it. 25 years later still haven't asked him but i'm seeing him this weekend. I think i need to have an adult conversation with him.
  24. Like
    UncleJarvis got a reaction from paddy-stone in dog thread   
    Amazing isn't it? When I was in college my landlord was a hunter and would share some steaks with me as payment because I did yard work/landscaping for him during the summer. My roommate had a dog and it would get the cut raw scraps and bits and pieces before I cooked my meals. Not many dogs feasted on elk/moose/deer like that one did.
  25. Funny
    UncleJarvis reacted to m9x3mos in Installed new ram, now USB devices are glitching   
    @Kd4lif3 I would check the timings and speed to make sure they are correct. Or possibly take them back out and see if the problem persists.