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  1. Yes, I checked more benchmarks not much difference. Plus I'm not going to overclock.
  2. So I live in very weird place and at my local market those cpus retail literally at same price. You may think that's no brainer go 3600XT. But I'm on tight budget so I'm considering keeping my old Deepcool 200t cooler(2 heat pipes large fan nothing fancy) I think its little better than stock one . 3600XT is about 4-5 hotter in benchmarks ? So I'm really confused do I have to be worried about Temperatures ?
  3. @Mateyyy thanks for response. I was thinking about b550 and know I'm more sure about it.
  4. Oh sorry I meant better "Cooler", as I know it comes with wraith prism and regular one with spire. And in benchkmarks prism was way better
  5. @Mateyyy oh why? I really like asrock boards I love white builds . So I'll list what choices I have : Asus ROG Strix B450 F Asus B450m-PRO Gaming TUF Gigabyte B450 aorus M Asrock - B450m steel legend also Non M Version Asrock - B550m pro4 They are about same Price all of them. Consider that I'm not plannng o.c or something else I want just stable system, with some upgrade headroom
  6. 3600x, or 3600 they retail kinda same price 3600x has better cooler so I'm considering it. As for ram XPG TUF Alliance ram 3200mhz. Local seller offered me mb and ram as bundle.
  7. So in my country they retail about same price, I know that b550 offers higher rams speeds and pcie4 but steel legend looks fancier and has more ports. Which one to choose? are there any more other differences?
  8. So tomorrow I was going to buy rx 580 4-gig and I read that it has only DVD-Dual link output port is it compatible with dvi-d single link ? or I have to buy adapter?
  9. Well this is my rig now: x3440 4/8 (1156) 16gigs of ram 750 ti evga FTW 600W psu(from weird chinese manufacturer has 8 pin tho) is there big difference in power consumption ? So the 470 would cost me about 70$(180 Georgian laris) and 580(80$~200 Georgian laris)) any way my cpu can't max out both of this cards in most titles depends heavily on game as I looked on benckmarks .
  10. So i'm going to buy miner card 470 is msi gaming x and 580 is sapphire pulse version, both have very similar prices about 10-15$ differences which one should i get ? I was considering 470 cause when i looked at newer titles many of them were using more than 4 gigs of vram
  11. Well :D I already bought it I'm pretty happy with it works fine and more than enough for gtx 750 ti , well I game time by time mainly overwatch and also I'm trying to learn programming its not as taxing not including(android studio ;d) but still having smoother experience makes everything more enjoyable .
  12. Hi guys it's my first topic and I I'm new here, I'm struggling on decision l'm from Georgia(country) and pc-s are little bit harder to build here at least new ones, my current rig is 775 socket I'm planning to upgrade to 1156 well there is one deal with x3440+intel generic motherboard+16 gig of ddr3(1333mhz) ram about 90$ is it worth it ? 1155 variant would cost me about 40% more with i5 8gigs of ram and H61 motherboard