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  1. Sorry, I did not mean to. I thought it better to ask here than make brand new thread since the topic is close. I know next time to make a new. Yes, I think digiKam I will give a try and see how it goes. Thank you!
  2. Ok,so for photos and images only. Which program would you suggest? I would like it to search my entire system, I would also hook up multiple drives. Preferably place them in a folder tree like "Sorted Pictures" ----Jan 2000 ----Feb 2000 ----Mar 2000.............all the way to present day. And remove duplicates or suggest which are duplicates and I can decide? Or how did you perform your sorting? Can it read the meta data in the photo or just the modified date? --------------edit-------------- Some years a
  3. So, I have X570 Aorus pro with 3700x and 2x8GB of 3200mhz corsair vengeance lpx memory. I could get another 2x8 of the same memory for a good discount. Second hand but only a couple months old and with receipt and guarantee valid. Should I? I dont necessarily need to right now but I could... I know having 4x8 makes it less appealing to upgrade further but I highly doubt I would go from 32 to 64 or more within this setups life span. not planning mem OC. Only XMP from BIOS.
  4. Hi, So I finally build my new pc. Aorus x570 pro + Ryzen 3700x + 16GB RAM + 1080ti. Got actually everything second hand except the mobo which I feel is the only component that I ever have had trouble with. In about 20+ years only lost 2 motherboards. Cpu and Ram seem to be very robust and gpu I'll wait some more to maybe get 3080 when it is actually available. Also I can get new Ryzen 5000 eventually for x570. So, to my question. My rig is up and running with win 10. What is must have and what is nice to have and what is completely bloatware in here: https:/
  5. Hi, so what would be a good choice for Amd Ryzen 3700x? I have two scenarios, A) one with SLI capability and B) no-SLI. I currently have a GTX 1070 as a GPU and I could get another one as a second hand. I did watch YouTube and did check google on what they say about SLI and I understand sometimes SLI gives only minor boost and sometimes a big one, depending on the game. For A) and SLI I would need X470 or X570 board right and at a reasonable price. How about Asrock Fatality X470 Gaming K4, those ones are about 160-180€. I guess they are on sale and going aw
  6. Hello, my old rig has i7-3770K asrock z77 extreme4 -mobo 16gb of Ram and Msi gtx-1070 gaming x something gpu the gpu was upgraded to the current one after I bought a used one from a friend maybe a year ago and is the only newish part. Should I upgrade and to what to? That combo has served me quite well for years. If I do upgrade I hope it will again serve me well for a long time. My monitor is only 1080p@60hz but I have been thinking if I would get a 1440p/144hz one which would also be bigger that the c
  7. Both of the Asus Zephyruses I mentioned above claim to weight 2,2kg and I think that would be the max weight. Ideally less would be better.
  8. I would like a thin&light because I travel a lot due to work. I am not going to lug around 3kg+ beast... I don’t care for battery life since gaming would be done at the destination/hotels.
  9. Hello, I am making a post here so not to create a new topic. There is a Asus Zephyrus Gx501VI laptop on a -50% sale on a nearby store. It has gtx 1080 max-q. It is a brand new and last of it’s kind they have. Same price point can get laptops with gtx 1070/ gtx 1660ti / rtx 2060 without significant discounts. That’s a pretty nice deal I think. As I said before the laptop should be sleek looking/thin and actually portable. Would that be sufficient to run the new doom eternal/ cyberpunk 2077/ Phoenix point with max or very high settings? I liv
  10. Yep, I am not really planning on a separate monitor. Are there any guesstimates in how many years 1060 will be able to keep up?
  11. Less is better but I would assume it is hard to go under 2kg. I will most likely look at 15” screen. Gtx1080 laptops are quite expensive although I would love to get one. I think I saw an Acer predator one which was also fairly thin but I would like to see it in real life first. I don’t want too “gaming-bling-bling”. MSI had these white nice and sleeks P-series(?) laptops but they only had 1050ti in them. here are some links, I am not sure if the filters I set copy over. Also amazon.de (the German site) I will be keeping an eye on but then have to make sure key
  12. Thanks for your advice! At 15” I might just stick to 1080p and I am not too concerned about ray tracing eye candy yet.
  13. So, I am looking into getting a gaming laptop for myself. I did some reading and a quick search of local stores but it did not help as much as I had hoped. Ofcourse there will be other specs as well for my new laptop but the main question I have is which GPU will give me good investment for the next few years. Where I live, in the north of EU GTX 1050/1050 ti laptops are generally plentiful and under 1100€. Gtx 1060 start to appear at about 1100€, gtx1060 and gtx 1070 seem to be the most numerous configs at reasonable prices. Gtx 1070 start to appear at about 1500€
  14. Hi, this is also my first post! So, I have my old desktop pc that was custom build maybe 6 or close to 7 years ago. I have not played almost any games for the past three years due to real life issues...kids mostly...but now I have noticed that I occasionally have some spare time. My co-worker had his gtx 1070 on sale and agreed to sell it to me quite cheaply so I bought it. That got me excited that maybe I could upgrade my old rig a bit to play some games again using relatively little money. My old specs were: Asrock z77 extreme4 with i5-3570K. GTX 670...that