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  1. Wow thanks Anthony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please note everyone, I'm joking. Anthony did not say this. But come on dude....give us some Anthony genius)
  2. Bumping this. My P106 has worked great for over a year but I've now found one game that won't run due to outdated driver. Doom Eternal will not work with driver 1722. Hopefully someone smarter than me will figure out how to make a newer driver work. 1722 is pretty old now (from November 2018). More and more games will fail to run despite the hardware being fully adequate.
  3. I got it sorted, after a day of stressing that my awesome budget gaming rig could no longer game. I uninstalled the new auto-installed drivers but could not reinstall 417.22. I even disabled Ethernet to prevent Windows update from driver checking but I'd still get that "driver not compatible" error. The solution was to uninstall the newer vid drivers (I used DDU), then turn off auto driver updates (link below). Once that was disabled, I could then reinstall 417.22 and make the two simple Regedit changes. I'm up and running again. https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/disable-automati
  4. Also - I tried making the 417.22 Regedit changes to see if they might work with the new driver. Doesn't work. Here's what I get, Code 43 error.
  5. Bumping this! P106 ran great for months with 417.22 drivers. Win 10 Pro auto updated the vid driver and card stopped working. I uninstalled the new driver (DDU), and now Windows says that 417.22 is not compatible with this version of Windows. Is this mass destruction of P106 gaming?
  6. Doesn’t include HDMI cable, and that’s a dealbreaker for me.
  7. The saga continues with my Gigabyte P106-100 6GB vid card. Got it running perfectly, with one newly discovered exception: performance throttling due to heat. I disassembled the card, cleaned, new thermal paste, checked the fans, etc but no change. Does anyone have any creative cooling ideas? I’d consider water cooling but don’t know if that exists for the P106. Or maybe GTX1060 cooling hardware will fit? Any advice or P106 throttling experience, please share. TIA
  8. P106 working perfectly, full game support, PhysX and DX12. I couldn't be more pleased.
  9. Hey I got it working!! It’s running perfectly. Turns out that with my mobo, selecting “iGPU” as primary display (to enable onboard graphics) creates a resource conflict. I changed primary display to “PCIe”, then the error went away and on-board vid still works. FYI for anyone with an Asus H81M-C/CSM.
  10. I GOT IT TO WORK!!! It's been a journey of many months and much frustration. I first bought a P106 to run in my third gen Intel setup (not compatible setup, oops). Tried selling the P106 and nobody wanted it. So I pieced together a Haswell build for $323 Cdn. CPU/RAM/Mobo $100 P106 card $138 DVI->HDMI adapter $2 Heatsink $23 Case + PSU $60 -already have hard drive, monitor, mouse/kb etc. I'm getting 3DMark 2013 scores above 10,000. Pretty massive bang for the buck.
  11. I wish it were that easy for me! I started over with a Win 7 x64 install to rule out any Win 10 issues. My onboard HD4600 graphics install correctly then once I add the P106 to PCIe x16 port, I get code 12 errors in Device Manager. It did the same thing in Win10. BIOS is up to date. I dunno...maybe this mobo just isn't meant to run a P106. (Mobo = Asus H81M-C/CSM)
  12. Interesting. I also pieced together a Haswell system, I'm running an i5 4670 with the same HD 4600 graphics on Windows 10. I'm getting the identical "free resources" error that prevents the card from working.
  13. So after buying a Gigabyte P106 to get it running like a GTX1060, I sadly discovered that it wouldn't work with my 3rd gen Intel CPU (i5-3470). Processor needs to be fourth gen or higher. So in the name of science, I'm wondering if there's a budget solution whereby I purchase a barebone PC/mini PC/laptop with 4th gen or newer CPU then connect the P106 to that system. In the case of mini PC or laptop, I'm curious if this would do the trick (N.2 NVME slot needed): Any suggestions - fire away!