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  1. not really, 700-800 is about right, everything else is still expensive. The case and power supply are around $120-$140. I haven't really used the computer much either.
  2. im aware, i didn't have a set price, Im really looking for offers, first serious offer i was gonna take tbh lol
  3. It's still a $300 graphics card, and $200 cpu. The case is quite expensive, and my m.2 is as well. The power supply is $150 on its own. 0
  4. Honestly I think boards are prepared for a new line of chips a while before release. I would do some research 2 weeks before the drop. I wouldn't pay for a bios update, it's too easy and simple to pay for it.
  5. The guys at the store probably won't do it for you, just buy the motherboard as soon as the CPU comes out and the board should be updated at factory to work for you.
  6. It'll be just fine, pretty much any graphics card above a 1060 3gb can handle more than one monitor at ease. Your GPU needs at least 4gb of vram if you want a smooth experience. 8gb would be the best for dual and triple monitor setups. My RX 580 can play at high settings 1080p with triple monitors at 60 fps. If I'm gaming with all three monitors I always expect a heavy performance hit. Fortnite and Apex should be pretty easy to run dual monitors with a 1660.
  7. Okay, plugging the HDMI to the motherboard is absolutely useless! Your CPU doesn't have intergrated graphics. Which Ryzen 5 do you have? And does your graphics card have any power plugs that need to be plugged in?
  8. Specs? AMD or intel? what type of CPU??? What type of graphics?? Whats your PSU like? more info please
  9. I love AMD with all my heart, but their Graphics cards are no where near what Nvidia has to offer. The AMD Radeon settings interface is the worst, the design is amazing but functionality and simplicity is horrible. The RX 580 is the first and last AMD card I will purchase until they have more to offer. Thank you for the suggestion but the RTX 2070 Super is what I'm gonna go for now.