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  1. MSI site states that MSI gaming X : 1800MHz MSI Gaming X Trio : 1770MHz
  2. But most of the benchmarks show around 3-5 degrees with the gaming x vs gaming x trio
  3. I never overclock, that's the point ? I only use the clocks the msi card has
  4. If i watch the benchmarks, it's only 3-4 degrees hotter, and no fps loss at all?
  5. I can't fit that MSI TRIO X GAMING, cause of my case. I would have to go with the gaming X
  6. It is the old Benq XL2411, so no, it doesnt support any of that sadly enough, that is why i'm heavily considering the RTX 2070 and 240hz screen
  7. No, hdmi doesnt support 144hz sadly enough
  8. But what would be the safest way to go? 1080Ti is 500€ , RTX 2070S and 240HZ screen are together 740€
  9. Those are going for 325€ and 500€
  10. Hi guys, As of right now, i recieved my Ryzen 7 3700X. But now i'm without GPU. And i can't play anything What my dillemma is, i have a Benq XL2411 (without displayport) So i have 2 options. Either buy a used 1070 (200€ in my country), and keep the Benq XL2411. Or buy a RTX 2070 Super (475€ in my country) and buy an Alienware 240Hz screen (260€) , those would be both new. But my question is, i game only at 1080P, and only esport titles (CS:GO, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, Rainbow Six Siege) Is it justified to buy an 1070 used for 200€, or should i j
  11. Did you measure?:p cause if you did , you're a hero
  12. Hi guys, is there someone here, that owns a guitar hero guitar? I need the height of it, but from a specific part, i could win a nintendo switch ^^ https://i0.wp.com/gamers4life.be/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Throne-of-Games-2.jpg?resize=1024%2C1536&ssl=1 I need the size of the top guitar, the part that is sticking out. Can someone help me maybe?:D So just the size from the guitar part that you can see in the picture (the guitar that is sticking out the heighest), so only the part from buttons to top of guitar.
  13. The difference is that option 4 is 100€ cheaper