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  1. Fb marketplace craigslist not sure where you are from.. kijiji if your in Canada you have to look out might not be one on there today but maybe next week there will be something... eventually will something will come up
  2. The ones I got are a bit firmer than the stock ones
  3. Hey.. decided on reapplying thermal paste and pads on my Asus 980 ti Poseidon, and notice after applying 2mm thickness thermal pads (Which look the same thickness of the original pads), that the cooler doesn't quite meet the gpu die all that great, and I need a supper amount of thermal paste.. the card does cool ok not as good as it once did... should I be trying 1.5 mm pads? is the 2mm asus supply's maybe softer than my new pads and my new pads are hold the cooler back from the gpu die? I have contacted asus but they were unable to find any specs on thermal pad thickness's ?