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  1. not working , it could turn on but soon in a couple of minute fan ramp up to 100% and display died . yes its time to upgrade butt 30s stock T-T id probably have to wait 3 month here ive decided to let pc's repair guys have a look , they could somehow repair motherboard so i hope theyd be able to get more out of my dead card (atleast till i can get my hands on 30series )
  2. So i got a gtx1080 G1 (used) which i used it for 2 years .There was a year of not cleaning the fan, lack of proper air flow but still ,the card was running fine. After i mailed my GPU via courier, during run time the GPU fan would ramp up 100% with no display(40 min interval). I re-apply thermal paste and clean the fan it work fine for 2 month. Then i ran it on a poorly air flow case and the problem worsen, even after i change all pad and paste it is now unusable. Fan still running fine, gpu could still load. With the lack of stock on 30s and with how my gpu isn't exactly
  3. for whatever reason Nvidia is doing this .... its not bad to get things for free thumbsup.... intel,nvidia,amd i dont care what they did to themselves... hehe.. but healthy competition would be great
  4. LTT make videos about the new Nvidia driver update.So i update my driver i owned MG279Q 1440p 144hz free sync monitor (and gtx 1080) which monitor does it support? How do i enable it? Anyone know anything more about it? THKS