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  1. Hey, don't know if you're mixing something up, feel free to correct me, but as far as I know, Nord never leaked user info. Wasn't it a server breach, that didn't really yield any results for the hackers? Also, yeah, if you go on PIA's reddit people are freaking out about all kind's of instabilities. I think it all started with them rolling out their next gen servers, maybe things will stabilize, but obviously you want to use the service now and not wait for a month.
  2. my mom thinking the cloud and a folder on her desktop is the same thing...
  3. I doubt they will make something worthwhile, Google is so far ahead...
  4. Asking an opinion about a VPN is like asking an opinion about a car, you'll never get a truly objective answer. I myself think that NordVPN is not too bad, it has good speed, it unblocks all the popular streaming services and they do 3rd party audits now, to ensure security. Overall I have a pleasant experience using it. PIA is also OK, but I feel that it's not as polished, as Nord.
  5. Well I gotta give it to The Witcher 3, really it's above it's time by a long shot
  6. Hey, didn't see this one in the forums, so I'll share Nords Black Friday deal. I will extend the subscription myself and wanna try out that Locker. Before I just used bitlocker, so this should be an improvement, anyone else tried NordLocker already? And if you have any other recommendations for file encryption I'd love to hear them.
  7. Witcher 3 or maybe Kingdom Comes: Deliverance.... But its more about very high quality. The more movie-like games: Heavy Rain, Life Is Strange.... the camera work is AWESOME there
  8. I would also highlight The Long Dark PC game however it gets really boring after a couple of days.
  9. Oh man, I feel so sad about this guy, it sounds like a last resort to me I'm using Nord, and hopefully, in future, there won't be similar "cri de coeur" from their workers...
  10. I have read J.K. Rowlings "The Casual Vacancy" recently and it's very intriguing... Rowling's writing style is very fresh and new here.
  11. I agree with Drak3... I guess VRs will be super cool in 10-15 years, when the games will be super realistic (graphics) as for now, it's something square' ish and very soapy blurry.
  12. I use AdobePremier and AdobeAfterEffects.... pretty easy and you can do a lot of cool stuff there. Especially in AfterEffects.... you can even animate your "still" photos
  13. I would really recommend buying 50mm with f/1.8 or as it's the best for portraits. I personally use Canons 50mm and I'm pretty satisfied.
  14. I really enjoy both PC and board game: This War Of Mine... it's very depressive and sad... and the atmosphere is devastating.
  15. Find a friend and go together. Then you will motivate each other not to skip a gym day.