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  1. I'd like to see how gpu upscaling (DLSS etc) compares to device upscaling like TV's and Projectors. Quality and performance levels maybe. Like running a game at 1080p but letting your 4k TV upscale it vs letting the gpu run at 4k native.
  2. Maybe a tech quickie about this? https://mashable.com/video/painting-with-light-girl-with-a-pearl-earring-recreation/
  3. What are the differences between using your GPU to upscale/ play @ 4k vs letting your TV do it? For example: Game settings at 1440p/ 1080p for the frames rate then TV upscales it to 4k. Worth it? Does it add too much lag?
  4. It seems Apple is targeting another small business that is using a fruit Logo. Prepear is a 5 person recipe app company that's is under-suit from Apple for copyright infringement due to their logo. It's a green pear. And Apple will possibly win as their tactic appears to be "we have more lawyers than you." While I feel they make quality products thier business practices are abhorrent. From thier tight controls over app developers, colluding to inflate prices of ebooks, thier no smoking around devices warranty thing and thier push against right t
  5. All I know (which isn't much) is that all these 'leaks' seem to be tech specs that hold no real bearing on what the performance will be IRL. I'm hearing terms that make no sense to me or can't even be quantified through comparison. What I do know is.....
  6. While I understand the 'spec' comments in the end they all look the same rolled up in my drawer. They all fit the same devices. And when they 'don't work' they get tossed and new ones get bought. To be fair I'm aware of the differences but many people are not. Many people buy a device and to them all cables that look the same and fit the hole are the same. It just creates confusion in the market place.
  7. Just came across this. Seems that Apple is adding yet another Thunderbolt cable to it's roster. This one is over 6' long and can support 100w charging as well as DP. Why bother having a standard when companies keep changing the spec? To the average person all these USB-C cables look the same and having so many different specs for the same form factor is just confusing. How is it different than having proprietary cables? I mean at least then you know what you needed. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/apples-new-thunderbolt-3-cable-costs-a
  8. How about an open challenge to the office to build a Stealth PC. (things that should not be pc's) Set a decent budget. Cameras can follow each person involved like a reality show to record progress and failures/ challenges they have to overcome with their design. And no retro game system chassis. Lets see how creative your team can be! We, the viewers can vote on the winner. For motivation from just some random guy my HTPC..... Pics show her with; 15-7500T, Noctura low profile cooler, Gigabyte H170TN, 16GB ram, 960 Ev
  9. Have you considered an nVidia Shield? Using the Plex server stuff it seems to do well. You can side load a browser for light surfing too. That was/ is my back up plan.
  10. I think at one point I allocated 8gb to it but no effect. I can retry that when I get home tonight.
  11. The only reason I'm having issues is that I'm determined to keep my chassis. Had I used any other case of have tossed in a cheap 1050 and have no issues at all. Hell, if this board had aTB3 let is be running an e external GPU.
  12. Sorry, no butt hurtness for you. I wiped it all and started from scratch. -k-lite codec mega pack which included fresh MPC install. -DisableHWAceleration set to 0 (this means disable is off which means HWA is on) -Reboots each change Tried the 140mbps jellyfish video at 2160/30 first. No issues then 2160/60 no issues. Tried 4k files in MPC and all works great except for...... 1) .mp4 4 k files max the CPU. Doesn't matter the player. 2) Netflix app plays then crashes 4k videos. Gonna try some more things.
  13. The parts; Mobo: H170TN (HDMI 2.0 on board) CPU: i5-7500T Ram: 16GB GPU: Intel HD 630 HD: m2.ssd Evo960 256gb OS: Win 10 Monitor: JVC 4k projector (NX7) Case: something different.....see below No matter what I try I can't get 4k content to play. Huge stuttering and CPU pinning to 100% while GPU is at 30-40%. I have updated drivers, codecs even manually added Hardware accelerating to the registry all to no effect. Netflix 4k losses video signal (static screen) but sound keeps going, MPC, VLC all have stuttering issues.