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    Aliairstinger reacted to DarkEnergy in DIY Smartphone?   
  2. Informative
    Aliairstinger reacted to TheBean in Launchers on Huawei /Honor devices?   
    you can put a launcher on any phone. launchers are like apps, just download from playstore, or any other store. 
  3. Informative
    Aliairstinger reacted to SupaKomputa in Launchers on Huawei /Honor devices?   
    You can put any aftermarket launchers, the bootloader doesn't have anything to do with it.
    Now if you want to flash the thing with a custom rom, that's when you need to unlock the bootloader.
  4. Informative
    Aliairstinger reacted to Mnky313 in Huawei Mate 10 Pro, 20 Pro, or 30 Pro   
    Be warned! Huawei is being an a** like all the other mainstream manufacturers now and NOT ALLOWING Bootloader unlocks on their devices (at least on the international version)! There are some sketchy Russian services to unlock them though, Root is very difficult with a locked bootloader and TWRP is near-impossible unless someone develops a safestrap-like recovery. It can be done but it's a long drawn our process.
  5. Informative
    Aliairstinger got a reaction from huilun02 in Honor View 10 vs Huawei Mate 10 Pro?   
    I'm 16. Also, I know Apple is directed towards people with limited technological knowledge. Apple in my opinion isnt a good value right now. 
  6. Like
    Aliairstinger got a reaction from Chriexpe in Is Windows 10 Mobile usable in 2019?   
    If I'm being honest, there is one app called "MyTube!", I actually prefer that than the official youtube app. So I can't watch paid content or youtube premium, I only have one movie on google.
  7. Agree
    Aliairstinger got a reaction from Fasauceome in Used Graphics Cards?   
    over 100 usd.
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    Aliairstinger got a reaction from TechyBen in Used Graphics Cards?   
    over 100 usd.
  9. Informative
    Aliairstinger reacted to Siirisena in Ryzen 3 1200 and Vega 56 vs ryzen 5 2600 (x) with rx 580 or 590?   
    i'd say the ryzen 5 2600 and RX 590. the ryzen 3 will bottleneck vega so much in gaming,  and ryzen 5 2600x isn't worth it compared to normal 2600 given that you know how  to overclock the 2600 properly. although to be honest, my recommendation is for gaming purposes. i don't know much about editing. but if the pc can game, i assume it can edit great too.

    cheers and good luck with your build.
  10. Agree
    Aliairstinger reacted to datboi8192 in 50$/€ video editing software   
    Davinci Resolve (black magic) is free