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    pro basketball player


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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    Asus Prime X370 Pro
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    Patriot Viper 2x8GB 3000Mhz
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    Evga 1070 FTW
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    Generic Office Case
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    Kingston 240GB SSD
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    Corsair TX650
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    Samsung SyncMaster SA850
    Sony Bravia KDL32EX
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    Wraith Spire & 3x120mm fans
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    Logitech K360
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    JBL Professional 8330/4408, Harman Kardon PM645, Topping D10s/Oehlbach NF214 with Nakamichi terminals
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Huawei P30

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  1. I want to get the windows running on my second machine, but i don't get why 2200g isn't supported yet, and i can enable ftpm 2.0 in bios. Although, i have some trouble getting secure boot to function, it says in bios that it's status is enabled, but the health check says otherwise. I've also seen plenty of 1st gen ryzen systems run the 11 just fine. Is it possible to just install iso file on usb and install windows 11 or it won't work?
  2. well um besides not providing it with data other than that pc is running well.
  3. no wifi works fine, tv in living room is also connected via ethernet and it works fine.
  4. I wrote that i already did that reset and i made no difference.. but thanks anyway
  5. I updated the post my bad. And no, i don't remembered this happening while i was using it.
  6. My network went out while my pc was asleep but this happens kind of frequently, just this time i wasn't on my pc. Windows troubleshooting isn't doing much better either, since i just get the same error message every time i try any fix (troubleshooter is unable to find the problem). Motherboard is Prime X370 Pro. I had this issue before and i used to resolve it by either simple restart of router or calling the service provider to give me ip adress to put it in manually. Tried it, won't work this time, tried to restart the router to factory settings, nothing, reset of network setting, still noth
  7. No i don't have any other rgb software.. I deleted all files from local disk and hidden ones, it seems to do the trick, it's off now no matter what, but there's one program that doesn't want to be uninstalled and it's ''Asus motherboard''? Pretty sure that wasn't there before. I mean i don't want to sound dumb but i think its a part of armory crate installation because it installed 10 other useless programs as well as a part of it's installation.
  8. Since i installed the armory crate i can't set the rgb to turn off after the pc goes to sleep, turns off or whatever, already have set it to off when it's working, obviously. And it keeps ignoring the bios settings as well since the armory crate is present on the pc, tried uninstalling it too but to no avail. Anyone has a fix for this?
  9. Viktor277

    Woofer Buzzing

    I noticed when i was testing frequency response of my speakers that one of the woofers was making subtle buzzing sound around 60hz until 130hz. I swapped the drivers and the driver that made the noise continued to do it, so i excluded possible amplifier interfering. Upon "closer" inspection, both drivers are visually identical and in great condition, first i though that the soldier on lead wires is bad, but no in both drivers they are soldiered firmly. Cloth surround is also in perfect shape no tears anywhere or any signs of age, dust cap glued tighly, nothing visually different from the drive
  10. So distortion is caused by source?
  11. I had Topping d10 as dac, and when i switched over to motherboard audio on Prime X370 Pro i noticed there's some distortion when i turn the volume really high, but there was no distortion when it was plugged in to Topping at any volume, also distortion isn't present with every music genre only something like edm/ ''drum'' or bass heavy. At normal volumes everything sounds good. I checked the gain on Realtek console and it was set on default on extreme, around 500/600ohm not really sure. Does it have something to do with onboard audio's SNR or the speakers are blown? I have JBL Professional 833
  12. I found that even the slight 200mhz boost makes a noticeable difference in smoothness, and way less stuttering and better 1% lows. What is the safest voltage for this setting, is this the core voltage setting or else, because i cant find any other on this motherboard (Prime X370) for Ryzen 3 2200g. I game occasionally, wraith stealth isn't too happy with this bump in frequency. I left the voltage to auto and only increased frequency, temp go up to 75c and i'd like to keep cpu at least below 70c. What is the safest VDDCR voltage, or is there something else i can do to lower temp except adjustin
  13. When i install fresh drivers, after restart i usually get a new update in windows update and security, "advanced micro devices - display", even tho i just installed latest ones. After that, this is what happens when i try to go in radeon software: How do i set the discrete gpu to be main one?
  14. No gpu isn't dead, everytime this black screen no signal thing happens i plug it in to onboard gpu and it works. After that remowe all drivers with DDU and disable windows update service, and install drivers again, but still after couple of hours or couple of days, doesn't really matter drivers will eventually get corrupted. are amd drivers that bad?
  15. Yesterday i reinstalled windows on my pc, it went good and i installed all drivers, everything worked fine, then i shut it off. Tomorrow when i turned it on it boots and spins the fans, no boot cycling or anything, and there is just no signal, not even mobo logo in the first couple of seconds. Tried on different ports, different monitors, still nothing. Won't even get me in recovery mode when i repeatedly shut it off. I did a small overclock to the cpu, from 3.5 to 3.7ghz (ryzen 3 2200g) and lowered the vdd cpu voltage from 1.4 to 1.35, it was stable and it wasnt overheating, i ran cinebench t