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  1. hey bro.. i am from india and i am getting both the models for approx 4500usd after all the customs and taxes (yes blade is that expensive here) i dont worry about dimensions and weight but all i need is decent gaming and i am also a bit worried about overheating.. battery life does matter for me but its one of the least in my priorities
  2. hmm i was thinking the same.. razer does have advantage of portability but still alienware is rocking a freaking 9700k.. but i was worried about the refresh rate.. will the razer's 240hz refresh rate be any good in triple a titles otherwise alienware has all the pros
  3. Hey guys I am looking forward to buying a laptop and I am a hardcore gamer and generally play triple a gaming titles. first of all i wanna clear that in my country both these laptops cost nearly the same so there's no cost benefit in either of them i am listing the config of these laptops i am considering to buy.. please feel free to recommend any other laptops or if i should wait for something. Razer blade 15 Intel Core i7- 9750H 6 Core, GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q, 15.6" FHD 1080p 240Hz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD Alienware Area 51m 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i7
  4. If both CPU and GPU can be bottlenecked by each other so is it theoretically nearly impossible to have a system without bottlenecks??
  5. Actually in my country 1070ti costs around 50USD higher than RTX?
  6. Hmm.. my main concern was less VRAM.. would that be a problem
  7. I am building a gaming rig and I am confused between rtx 1060 and GTX 1070ti.. will 6gb VRAM be enough?? **I am gonna pair it with amd ryzen 7 2600x**
  8. Ohk.. so if I have to compare two CPUs (with same GPUs) should I do that at lowest resolution so that the CPUs are not bottlenecked by the GPU
  9. If you make a shift to a higher resolution display then will it affect your CPU performance too or it's just GPU which has to work more due to higher number of pixels
  10. If I connect two CPU to one monitor simultaneously (for ex. One by VGA and other by HDMI) and boot up both of them, which system would be displayed by the monitor??
  11. Thx for the information..I also wanted to ask.. when we zoom in will those pixels remain combined as downscaled or they'll split to scale to the resolution of display
  12. An 8k monitor has ~33 million pixels so does it mean that every camera above 33MP is 8k and similarly every camera above 8.5MP is 4k? If it's so then what's with the extra pixels for example a 16MP camera will have ~7.5million more pixels than the 4k it's shooting at.. and how do they all fit on the 4k display if it's having a capacity of only 8.5MP
  13. So what will be the practical advantage of higher pixels if screen can't bear them
  14. Most of the phones these days have 1080p pixels which is approx 2million pixels on screen but phones have so high megapixel cameras such as honor view 20 having a whooping 48 megapixels camera so What happens to all these extra pixels and how do more pixels contribute to better photos or do they even have a role in better photos.