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  1. Just looked into that and I think I'll go that route, seems like the perfect excuse to buy a Raspberry Pi
  2. This might be worth looking into. Edit: forgot I didn't have a static IP adress and that that would be a problem
  3. As the title says, i'm looking for a free or cheap email service to use in combination with my custom domain name. I used to have a website+domain at one.com and a few months ago I retired the website since it is no longer relevant but I would like to keep using the email adress a while longer. Paying like 35€ a year to one.com for webhosting just to use the limited included mailbox seems a bit silly so I'm looking for an alternative that either costs less or is free or offers more features. I like protonmail and am already using the free version of their service however upgradi
  4. World records are almost always on liquid nitrogen unless specified, highest overclock on aircooling or something like that. I think they mess arround with even more exotic stuff like liquid helium as well but don't know too much about that myself.
  5. I for one would be paying since circumventing georestrictions is the biggest advantage to VPN's in my eyes and the free plan only gives 3 countries and a limited speed. I see how their product could make money even without selling userdata.
  6. https://protonvpn.com/ same guys who did protonmail, based in switserland, seems like an allround safe bet
  7. I've seen decently color graded footage shot in V-log on even cheaper Panasonics that looks like a scene from freaking Lord of the Rings. I'm confident the right people can use a S1H in combination with much more expensive gear and we'd never see it stand out. Unrelated to this camera getting certified I've also worried about the quality of some of Netflix's inhouse productions.
  8. Thats crazy, professional grade cinematography has gotten so cheap these days.
  9. Hey I tested this out this weekend (or had my gf test it out rather) Wont ever ever ever unlock with my eyes closed. Also doesn't unlock when my eyes are open and my face is in front of the phone and centered but i'm not looking directly at the phone. I actually see it unlock the moment I turn my sight to the phone. Works pretty darn good, still unlocks in the dark, when i'm wearing a hoodie, when my face is partially covered because i am smoking and have my hand in front of my face,... Sunglasses make it not want to unlock though.
  10. Thx, that is good news. I’ll make sure to flush everything thoroughly and I should be good.
  11. Some more pics after dissassembly I find some green residue, looks like it could be copper oxidizing? second to last pic is my pump top And in my last pic you see some white residue in the gpu block as well
  12. In the first photo you see the foam/slime in the second photo you see the ‘green stuff’ edit: pictures are reversed
  13. I'm currently at work, i'll get some pictures up here in an hour or 2
  14. Hey all So i built a new watercooling loop a few weeks back (6-7) and yesterday I noticed a slymie white foam at the top of my reservoir. Can't have been there for more than a day or something now. Upon closer inspection with a flashlight I think is see some small green dots at the darker bottom of my reservoir as well. My conclusion is that somehow algea or some other microorganisms started growin in my loop. I don't know how they got there, all parts where brand new, i flushed the radiators as well and I filled the loop with demi water + the EK clear cryofuel con
  15. You don't live in 2019 do you? The world might be a better place if that was the case, it probably would be, but its just not realistic.
  16. I work for a Belgian retailer, we still haven't gotten our 3900X we ordered on launch day. Keeps getting delayed. I've been keeping an eye on stock with other retailers in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg and I've seen like 3 webshops have a bit of stock shortly after launch and only Alternate having some stock for the past few weeks. At the moment no one has any in BE or NL. So yeah, there's a shortage.
  17. I could get an RTX 2080 and a GTX 1070 folding. If I don't forget by then. Quick question, do people still fold on CPU's? Last time I folded it was on an Phenom 1090t and people didn't really use GPU's for it then.
  18. The pump is a D5 and here it is bundled with a glass reservoir which I thought was really cool since my last custom loop got thrown out when my plexi res cracked. It is quite big though and I didn't find precise enough dimension to be sure it would fit. The pump/res combo fits between the white aesthetic metal ribbon thingy which was a huge relief. I used a 280 rad instead of a 360 in the front just because it would have a bigger chance of clearing the case. The slots for mounting 140mm are not just holes but like longer slits, however it was not
  19. Hey guys, I thought I'd get my build log started, I'm still sourcing some parts so hang in there with me. The rig is going to have 8 cores under water so I thought 'The Octopus' was a fitting name. I've been 'planning' this build in my head since Computex now, but a lot has changed as I went and recently I decided on going for a custom loop again. At the moment I either have in my posession or have ordered all the parts that I need. I am however still debating if I can hold out for a bit longer and get the NZXT H710 instead of the NZXT H700 but that would mean waiting
  20. Hey guys, anyone here have an EK Velocity block and a new Ryzen 3000? I'm very interested in what temps you get at stock settings.
  21. So lets hope they just ban the sharkcards and exchanging rl money for ig money and not the whole casino in Belgium. I'd like to try this out.