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  1. Again, You need to understand the command! cacls (file/folder) /e /c ^ ^ ^ Commands about permissions to edit or other to the file! Edit Instead of replacing Permissions Continue on errors /d ^ denied acess (user):f ^
  2. I meant like You have 2 users and need the code to run for 2 users! Like you want to create file in users desktop echo hello world >> hi.txt but want it to be on other users that doesn't log on too! Ok?
  3. So, I was trying to do a File Locker... And I need this command to run as all users so no one can acess it like if I have users names "P" and "W" I need to run it as P and W ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "cacls (path) /e /c /d (meant to be all users):f" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please help me
  4. Please Post your awesome batch files here! Me: ERROR.bat
  5. @echo off cls title Calculator color 1f :1 pause cls echo -------------------------------------------------------------------------- echo Calculator by Palm2570Playz echo -------------------------------------------------------------------------- echo Use + for plus - for minus * for times / for divided by echo And you can use an up and down arrow to look Previous and Next Answer too! echo -------------------------------------------------------------------------- echo. set /p sum= set /a ans=%sum% echo. echo = %ans% echo --------------------------------------
  6. @echo offtitle Batch Calculator by Palm2570Playzcolor 1f:topecho --------------------------------------------------------------echo Welcome to Batch Calculator by Palm2570Playzecho --------------------------------------------------------------echo Use + for plus - for minus * for times / for divided by echo.set /p sum=set /a ans=%sum%echo.echo = %ans%echo --------------------------------------------------------------pauseclsecho Previous Answer: %ans%goto toppauseexit