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  1. I guess you pretty much use it for Windows OS? Being in Tier D or C at least looks good budget wise per checking.
  2. Just wondering, I was checking on my bookmarked ssd tier list Got confused a bit on back reading the comments lol. So generally, is there a specific Tier (C or B maybe) SSD that can last 5yrs or so. Purpose will be just for windows and 1 or 2 major games or even just windows os TBH lol. Thanks!
  3. Hi TS, Do we have an updated tier list for GPU which now includes the RTX 3xxx series as well?
  4. So tried all possible combination for 3600, cl rates and all. It only worked and stable at 2800 cl 14-15-15-15-35 8x2 dual channel in mem test and benchmarks. Is it safe to rule out a compatibility issue? Can't say it's a hardware issue because using 1pc of the 2 dimms, on slot 2 and slot 4. They work individually 3600Mhz. slot 2 = 1pc ram 3600mhz cl 18 slot 4 = 1pc ram 3600mhz cl 18 not sure what to try next at this point
  5. Oh, got it! It's ok, I am thinking the issue is on my motherboard or just bad memory or just a compatibility issue lol.
  6. You mean exactly the same motherboard, cpu and memory? That one I linked above? That's really gonna help because if it works for you then it's probably a defect on the one I have now? O_o So you mean it should be fine right? It should be compatible to dual channel 8x2 3600Mhz? Mine works but the memory test always fails.
  7. Yup, forgot to elaborate that part. It works 8x2 = 16GB even if I go into windows. The problem is when I do a memtest it always fails when it's on 3600Mhz. Usually if it's just wrong slots, there will be a message that you it's not optimized or something right? BTW, was using a 2666Mhz 8x2 before and that was working fine so pretty sure it's the rights dimm slots
  8. Hi, Just looking for 2nd opinion. Does the Sided = Single, Side = 8GB means that this ram is not fully compatible because it's not telling us it's 16GB? But it's confusing part is the DIMM stating 1 | 2 | 4 DIMM, the 1st and 2nd slots are checked. Or maybe it means 4x2 dual channel or what? To further elaborate the issue, I'll give the details below the screenshots.. Ryzen 5 3600 MSI B450 Tomahawk Max (latest bios version) https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450-TOMAHAWK-MAX#support-mem-19 Under Compatibility > Memory RX-3X00 / Matisse,
  9. Yup, I even built them their own PC's but of course I monitor what games they play.
  10. Up, finally got my account back lol. see the details above, it is not even CL 18 sorry. It is CL 20 it seems lol. I use CL18 on the MSI bios memory try it.
  11. Gonna run some quick test later, their a bit over reacting when they have a lower FPS on their games specially on competitive games lmao. Kids nowadays Thanks for that program, I'll check and post later the results.
  12. Yup, I mean basing on your last statement. Since it's a single stick even with 3200Mhz but CL 18, it does not seem to be worth it hehe.